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Light the fire within

5 Reasons Your Company Needs to be at Promise to Practice

  1. Exposure
    Promise to Practice was thoughtfully planned to offer more. With Camp Fire, you will get more exposure, more time with participants, more publicity, and more recognition which means more business!

  2. Audience
    Nearly 150 Camp Fire decision makers and buyers that impact almost 1 million youth and families across the US. Plus, additional participants to webcast Promise to Practice. You won't want to miss getting in front of this crowd!

  3. Cost Effectiveness
    We pride ourselves on providing pricing below the standard market rates with upfront costs and no hidden fees.

  4. Location
    Promise to Practice will be held in the lively city of Las Vegas, providing a wide variety of restaurants and entertainment unlike anywhere else in the world!

  5. Dedication
    Camp Fire is dedicated to making sure our sponsors and exhibitors have ample time to network with attendees and other exhibitors. We are dedicated to you.

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