The Best Automatic Ice Cream Maker Of 2022: Best Picks & Buying Guides

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Best Automatic Ice Cream Maker
Best Automatic Ice Cream Maker

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: Cuisinart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker - Pink

Cuisinart Automatic Frozen makes homemade frozen treats in 20 minutes or less. Easy-lock lid with a large spout makes adding ingredients simple and mess-free. The patented mixing paddle perfectly mixes the ingredients without overmixing, so you can spend more time enjoying your creations and less time cleaning up afterward. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: Hamilton Beach 68330N Automatic Ice Cream Maker, 4 Quart, White

With the Hamilton Beach 68330N, you can create your favorite frozen treats in no time. The machine's quick and easy design makes it a breeze to scoop, mix and pour your own frozen desserts. With its sleek design, you can use it anywhere with ease - on your countertop or even in the freezer. It has a sturdy base for stability and is safe for use on all types of non-stick surfaces. Read Review

3. Best Easy To Use: Americana EIM-1400R 1.5 Qt Freezer Bowl Automatic Electric Ice Cream Maker

Make the perfect ice cream in less than 20 minutes with the Mr. Freeze automatic ice cream maker. This convenient ice cream maker comes with a freezable bowl that quickly lets you make your perfect dessert, allowing you to focus on other things like family and friends. Read Review

4. Best Capacity: Cuisinart ICE-20P1 Automatic 1.5-Quart, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker

Cuisinart's Automatic the perfect solution for making your favorite frozen treat in a snap. With easy-to-use spouts and large, transparent lids, you can add ingredients quickly and easily. The double-insulated bowl eliminates the need for ice while the automatic stirring action helps to whip up your favorite recipe in no time. Read Review

When it comes to ice cream, there’s nothing better than homemade. And as summer approaches, you might be tempted to turn on your ice cream maker and make a batch of homemade ice cream. But which model is the best? In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the best automatic ice cream makers on the market today.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or something that will impress your friends and family at a barbecue in the yard, we have several top-rated machines for you. So check out our list of recommendations based on user reviews and price point.

We think Cuisinart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker - Pink is the best of the best among the top models. If you were dissatisfied with the preceding item, you have the option of selecting Hamilton Beach 68330N Automatic Ice Cream Maker, 4 Quart, White as an alternative. You may relax knowing that its quality is also good per what we researched.

Our Top Picks

  • Limited 3-year warranty. BPA Free
  • New patent-pending mixing paddle makes frozen treats in 20 minutes or less
  • Easy-lock lid with large spout makes adding ingredients simple and mess free
  • This year, Cuisinart is donating $32,500, regardless of sales, to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
  • Double-insulated freezer bowl eliminates the need for ice
  • Large capacity – makes up to 1½ quarts
TOP Choice #2 Hamilton Beach 68330N Automatic Ice Cream Maker, 4 Quart, White
Our Score:
Hamilton Beach
  • Delicious versatility - Make ice cream, frozen yogurt, custard, sorbet, gelato and sherbet all with one ice cream machine
  • 4 quart capacity - The perfect size for families and special occasions
  • Over 20 recipes included - Try the recipes inside or create your own unique taste by mixing in candy, cookies, or fresh fruit
  • Easy-lock lid - Easily fits on top and locks in place with a quick turn
  • Fully automatic - no stirring needed. Just add ingredients, ice & rock salt – it does all the work, then stops when ready
  • Ideal for anyone looking for a soft serve ice cream maker or a keto ice cream maker
  • Includes Recipes:  Prepare homemade frozen yogurt, gelato, ice cream or sorbet from a variety of recipes included with your purchase.
  • Simple Freezing Bowl: The Mr. Freeze automatic ice cream maker comes with a convenient freezable bowl that allows you to quickly make ice cream directly in the unit.
  • Quick & Easy to Use: The ice cream and dessert maker is simple to use. Simply freeze the bowl overnight, then add the ingredient mixture into the machine, push a button and you'll have a tasty dessert in a short time.
  • Perfect Serving Size: The 1.5 Quart capacity provides just the perfect amount of servings for family and friends.
  • Easy Operation: Easily turn on the unit to churn your ice cream recipe with a simple control panel. No chemicals, alcohol or salt needed.
  • LIMITED 3-YEAR WARRANTY: Refer to user manual for troubleshooting steps and questions surrounding warranty policies – this product is BPA free
  • EASY TO USE: Easy lock transparent lid with large spout makes adding ingredients simple and mess free
  • SUPERIOR FUNCTION: The new patent-pending mixing paddle makes frozen treats in 20 minutes or less
  • COOL FEATURE: Double-insulated freezer bowl eliminates the need for ice
  • CAPACITY: Makes up to 1.5-quarts of your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt
  • 2.1 quart (2 liter) capacity; -0.4ºF to -31ºF Cooling temperature
  • Award Winning: Best ice cream maker Rachael Ray Every day magazine and Yourbestdigs.; Self-contained frozen dessert maker that does not require pre-freezing; makes ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet.
  • Stainless steel housing; Reliable built-in audible timer
  • BPA-free aluminum removable mixing bowl and churn blade for easy storage and effortless cleaning
  • LCD timer control; Motor Protection Function that shuts off to prevent damage if the mixture freezes solid; 16.75″W x 11.25″D x 10.25″H
  • FUN ACTIVITY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY | Transparent Viewing Lid Allows Adults & Kids to Monitor the Process for a Fun Dinner Party or Rainy Day Activity | Opening on Cover Also Lets You Pour in Additional Ingredients & Perfect Your Recipe Without Stopping the Machine | Great Gift for Birthday, Holiday, Housewarming & More
  • EASY AUTOMATIC ICE CREAM MACHINE | Countertop Appliance Allows You to Make Delicious Homemade Soft-Serve Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet & Other Creamy Treats in Minutes | Simply Add Your Ingredients, Mix, Freeze & Keep Cold with the Press of a Button | Large 5-Cup Capacity is Perfect for Serving a Crowd
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET STARTED | Full Kit Inspires Chefs to Create All Kinds of Dairy & Non-Dairy Soft-Serve Treats | Includes a Full-Color Recipe Book, Ice Cream Scoop, Measuring Cup, & Spatula—All Made to Perfectly Compliment Your Creations as You Measure, Pour, Freeze, Stir, and Serve Up Deliciousness. 
  • ELIMINATES THE PRE-FREEZING PROCESS | Built-In Compressor Chills Your Liquids & Solids on the Spot, So There’s No More Messy Ice or Waiting for Your Bowl to Manually Freeze | Sleek LCD Panel Features Easy One-Touch Buttons for Making Ice Cream [Maximum 60 Minutes], Mix Only, Keep Cool Function & Timer Control
  • EFFORTLESS TO CLEAN, STORE & SERVE | Stainless Steel Unit Looks Beautiful on Your Counter, Fits Compactly in Cabinet & Features Removable Parts for Stress-Free Cleaning | Includes Heavy-Duty Mixing Paddle with Built-In Motor Protection & Durable Insulated Bowl So You Can Scoop or Store Dessert in Freezer When Finished
  • LCD timer control; Motor Protection Function that shuts off to prevent damage if the mixture freezes solid
  • Stainless steel housing; Reliable built-in audible timer
  • Self-contained frozen dessert maker that does not require pre-freezing; makes ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet
  • 2.1 quart (2 liter) capacity; -0.4ºF to -31ºF Cooling temperature
  • BPA-free stainless steel removable mixing bowl and churn blade for easy storage and effortless cleaning
  • 🍨【Easy To Clean】Since smooth ABS surface, the daily maintenance is easy to finish with a wet towel. In addition, all non-electric parts are detachable for safe cleaning under water, such as transparent lid, mixing paddles and 1.1 quart freezer bowl. And these parts are easy to assemble for reuse.
  • 🍨【3 In 1 Ice Cream Maker】There are 3 operation modes to satisfy your needs of making different types of desserts. You can adjust the control knob for mixing only, cooling only and ice cream mode (maximum 40 minutes) as needed. The easy-to-use control panel facilitates homemade dessert making.
  • 🍨【DIY Ice Cream】This countertop ice cream maker allows you to make various delicious homemade desserts in minutes. You can create your own unique taste by controlling the intake of ingredients. Add all materials in the frozen bowl and choose one operation mode, waiting to enjoy.
  • 🍨【Keep Cool Function】To maintain fresh taste and texture of ice cream, the machine will automatically start every 10 minutes and cool for 10 minutes if the ice cream is not eaten or stored in time (cooling time: 1 hour). When it is finished, the machine will shut off automatically after 10 short beeps.
  • 🍨【Compressor & Motor Self-Protection】3-min waiting time protects the compressor when switching the operation modes. And you can also unplug the power to restart the machine without waiting. Besides, the motor protection device will shut off automatically ensuring the lasting usage of the motor.
  • Warm Tips to Use the Ice Cream Maker: Place assembled top cover onto the ice cream maker by ensuring the metal pins underneath the mixing motor contact with the magnetic switches on the main body of the ice cream maker. Do not exceed the MAX fill line marking within the Inner Bowl when using ingredients that expand. This will allow the volume to increase during freezing to fit the bowl’s maximum capacity.
  • Customized for Smooth & Soft Gelato: Churned at a much slower rate and incorporates very little air, it is not easy to produce ice crystals while eccentric stirring. You can see the gelato flows in the liner, which makes it dense enough and lends to a silkier, smoother and softer texture whereas the taste is much richer because of lower percentage of fat content.
  • Fully Automatic, Simple Operation: The Haimmy gelato machine has 2 modes (Soft & Hard available), to satisfy your needs of making different types of desserts that you can fully customize to taste in 90 minutes. Making any family favorite couldn't be simpler thanks to the one-button operation and auto shut off.
  • 4 Hours Keep Cool Function: To maintain fresh taste and texture of ice cream, the electric ice cream maker would automatically keep your ice cream or gelato cool after the timer has gone off, if the ice cream is not eaten or stored in time (Max Lasting time: 4 hour).
  • Perfect 2 Servings Size: This 700ml (1.5pint) countertop ice cream maker makes 2 servings of ice cream at a time, about 3 cups yogurt or 6 gelato balls or 4 ice cream waffles etc. Enjoy your favorite frozen dessert with your kids or lover, or provide just the perfect amount of servings for friends(if you combine with other desserts)
  • No Pre-Freezing Required: Utilizes an advanced built-in Electric Self-Freezing ice cream system to achieve fast freezing effect and replace the regular tub freezing ice cream machines. Have ice cream 1.5 hours later without 24 to 48 hours freezing ice cream tube.
  • We Promise-CUSIMAX homemade ice cream maker machine intimate customer service for life! If you have any questions or problems, please contact us. We will provide you with the best solution within 24 hours.
  • Healthy & Delicious- In a one more fun way, to create and enjoy frozen treats with your family and friends, whenever you want! DIY your special flavor with daily ingredients, chocolate, coffee, cocktail, biscuits or nuts, or fresh fruit. Less fat and sugar, additives and preservatives than commercial ice cream.
  • Clean & Store Easily- The bowl, mixing blade and lid are Removable, which can be cleaned with water effortlessly, do not place any parts in the dishwasher. Compact in size makes it easy to store and place on your countertop. Its'anti-slip feet ensure the necessary stability of the device during operation.
  • Easy Operation- Choose between: Cooling Mode, Mixing Mode or Ice Cream Mode. Fully automatic operation, simply add the ingredient mixture and press the button, ice cream maker will create your frozen treats within 30 minutes. Ice cream ready but no one operate? Don't worry, after the ice cream mode ends, it will hold the ice cream for 1 hour in the chilled state.
  • 1.1Qt Volume bowl constructed of food-grade aluminum can make 3-4 servings of ice cream at once, you can make consecutive tubs because you don't have to refreeze the container in between batches. perfect for party time and snack time.
  • Quick Make-CUSIMAX home ice cream maker has its own compressor that doesn't require ice, salt or pre-freezing the bowls, it chills the mix without all that headache. With it, you can make the Gelato, Sorbet, Frozen Yogurt, Frozen Margaritas, or chilled wine, lime juice, etc. in a short time.
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What to Look for When Selecting best automatic ice cream maker?

There are numerous factors for customers to consider whenever they decide to buy a best automatic ice cream maker. Simultaneously, it comes with many product types and brands, which makes it difficult for you to choose yourself. Thus, we are here to give you support, guidance, and solutions to these problems. Our buying guide will highlight some most outstanding features related to the best automatic ice cream maker of 2022.

Nowadays, the number of technology sale networks, especially websites, sale forums, or even the online space for customers’ comments, has been dramatically increased. So, you can quickly obtain information on best automatic ice cream maker available on these sources. 

Along with reading the update of best automatic ice cream maker on famous websites, you are also expected to go through some needed things below to make a great decision.

Machine Size

The truth is that icecream makers don't make it into most people's kitchen, so it may be hard to justify having one. It's a great way to have fun with ice cream, and they can also be used year round. If you are able to find an ice-cream maker that is small enough, it will be useful in any space.

The size of Ice Cream Makers varies from single-serve, small-sized models with very little counter space to larger, more powerful models.

Freezing Style

Ice cream machines often use an insert or freezer bowl that must be frozen before it can be churned. This might be a problem if your freezer is limited. Plus, it means that if you need to make another batch of ice cream, the bowl will have to be frozen again. Although you can churn batches after batches, compressor models take up more room and are generally more costly. You can also make ice cream using the traditional salt and ice freezing process.

Settings And Options

Simple ice cream makers may only have an on/off switch. Some machines have timers or automatic shut off/keep cool features. Others include extra freezer bowls and settings to make gelato. The compressor-style icecream makers have more options and controls to make different types of icecream from other models. It's nice to have a variety of appliances but sometimes, a simple model can do the job just fine.

Batch Size

How much icecream they can make per batch varies between icecream makers. Consider how much icecream you require or wish to make while shopping for an electric ice cream machine.

These ice cream maker models are most well-known for making between one and two quarts of icecream, that's roughly 4 to 8 cups. However, some models make only one serving. Other models make six quarts.

For large parties or families, it is worth investing in a high-capacity machine. However, machines with larger capacities are not as efficient when making small amounts of ice cream. Machines that make smaller batches are ideal for those who want to explore new recipes frequently.

Ability To Make Multiple Batches

The type of icecream machine that you select will impact the number of batches you can make. Frozen bowl models can only freeze the bowl before being used. You can make multiple batches easily if an additional freezer box is available. It is possible to make another batch with the compressor models. A salt-and–ice model can accommodate up to three batches.

You can theoretically make unlimited batches of icecream using some ice-cream machines. But, the heat from churning hard cream can damage less-powerful models. An affordable commercial model is better than one designed for light-duty domestic use if you want to make large amounts of ice-cream at regular events.

Power Source

The churning is handled by electric ice cream makers. Simply add the ingredients to the machine, push the button and wait until it is ready. It is very similar to using slow cookers or other hand-off kitchen appliances.

Hand-operated machines take more effort (and more muscle), as churning icecream can take up to 20 minutes. The job gets more challenging once the icecream hardens. Manual ice cream machines don't require electricity so they can be taken along with you to camping and backyard parties. Manual models require you to only stir the ingredients into a frozen bowl.


How Does Homemade Ice Cream Compare To Store Bought?

This is a fact that homemade ice cream tastes fresher and better than any store-bought. You won't find any artificial ingredients or strange flavors in homemade ice creams. Making your own ice cream allows you to make unique flavors and can be made in a way that isn't available in grocery stores.

How Long Does An Ice Cream Maker Need To Freeze?

The temperature and type of ice cream maker used will also affect this. Cuisinart's top-rated ice cream machine, the ICE-21, suggests a 16-24 hour freezing time at 0degF (-18degC). It's important to prepare accordingly when making ice cream. But it's well worth the effort to ensure the best texture and richness of your finished product.

Can Ice Cream Makers Be Used To Make Gelato And Frozen Yogurt?

Yes! It is possible to use an ice-cream maker to make gelato or ice cream. The best ice cream makers have settings that allow you to adjust the freezing time and speed of your churning. While these options are available only on electric models, they may not be available for all electric icecream machines. You should also read what dessert settings can be found to confirm that your ice cream maker has the right capabilities.

Is Ice Cream Expensive To Make?

This depends on what quality ingredients you choose. It doesn't matter what ice-cream maker you have, the basic ingredients for making your own ice-cream are cream and milk. Eggs, cream, sugar, and cream. You might pay more for organic, grass-fed cream or milk in the dairy aisle. While eggs can be affordable, the cost of eggs from pastured poultry will increase. Price varies for different flavors and mixes-ins. Even though they are not too expensive, salt-and ice-style ice cream makers require that you have salt and ice.

How Do You Clean An Ice Cream Maker?

For best cleaning practices, make sure to read the instructions manual prior to using your ice-cream maker. Many ice cream machines aren't dishwasher-safe. You will have to wash the lids, bowls, and paddles in warm water, using mild soapy detergent. You cannot place freezer bowls in the dishwasher as high temperatures could cause the seal to crack and allow the liquid to escape.

To reassemble and use an ice cream maker, it is important to dry all components. Before placing in the freezer, bowls for ice cream makers must be thoroughly dried. Ice can build up on the bowl's walls and cause problems with the ice cream making.

Can You Make Ice Cream Without A Machine?

These no-churn icecream recipes don't need an ice cream machine. However, don't worry if your texture doesn't match. Air is incorporated in the cream base to create a smooth and creamy consistency. While you could partially do this using a mixer attachment, it's hard to achieve the same results with an ice cream maker that has been properly designed and chilled.

As mentioned above, all of our information is drawn from actual research, so the accuracy level is reliable. Furthermore, best automatic ice cream maker of 2022 will be updated regularly to add new data. You should keep a close eye on our websites for any updates or additions.

After all, we are always available to support and assist you with any problems related to best automatic ice cream maker. Please feel free to contact us as soon as possible. Thank you!

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