The Best Backyard Pizza Oven In 2023: Top Picks & Buying Guide

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Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven – From Ooni Pizza Ovens
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When it comes to outdoor cooking, nothing beats a grill or a smoker. They’re great for grilling vegetables and meats and even making delicious sausages. But if you’re looking to take your cooking to the next level, an outdoor pizza oven is where it’s at.

These home appliances come in all shapes and sizes, but the principle is always the same: they’re designed for fast, high-heat cooking of food so that it can be finished off in just a few minutes. Some manufacturers make backyard pizza ovens that look like standard grills, while others have created unique designs with an eye toward making them appeal to consumers more. Regardless of their shape or design, they all share one thing in common: they are all superbly useful when it comes to preparing pizzas at home. Here we will explore everything you need to know about them so that you can choose the perfect model for your needs and your budget

We have chosen many of the good items currently available, including Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven – From Ooni Pizza Ovens - our favorite one. We also provide you with Ooni Karu 12 – Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven – Portable Wood Fired and Gas Pizza Oven model that you may consider if the top product is not your choice.

You will be surprised at the information we are about to share below! Let's explore the special features of products from famous brands including Ooni, Geras, Mimiuo, Udpatio, Aoxun, Bakerstone, Cast master, Gyber, Little tikes, Stoke, Flame king, Pizzello, Giantex, Big horn outdoors, Oklahoma joe's right here.

Our Top Picks

  • 60 SECONDS – The Karu 16 reaches 950°F / 500°C in 15 minutes, for fresh flame-cooked pizza in just 60 seconds. Cooking pizza at this high heat is the only way to create authentic Neapolitan-style pizza.
  • OUR MOST ADVANCED PIZZA OVEN – The Ooni Karu 16 oven features our most advanced technology yet: optimized airflow engineering regulates temperature control and fuel efficiency, the carbon steel shell with a high temperature-resistant powder-coated finish offers improved insulation and weather resistance, and many more innovations make this oven the most advanced in its class.
  • VIEWFLAME TECHNOLOGY – New full glass oven door design lets you keep a watchful eye on your creations with ViewFlame technology and maintains oven temperatures thanks to improved insulation.
  • HOT NEW FEATURES – A custom designed fuel tray that maximises airflow and delivers a powerful blast of searing flame allows the Ooni Karu 12 pizza oven to maintain the ultra-high temperatures – load it up with real wood or charcoal, with no excess ash to clean
  • NEXT LEVEL PIZZA – Level up your pizza game with one of Ooni’s most popular ovens and learn how to become a true pizzaiolo – or discover that you can even use your pizza oven to cook steak, fish or veg in one of our cast iron range of cookware
  • GREAT PIZZA – A motto that Ooni Pizza Ovens live by – We believe that everybody deserves great pizza and our Ooni Karu 12 Multi-fuel pizza oven has been designed with that sole purpose in mind
  • 2 YEARS GUARANTY FOR YOU – The Geras weber grill pizza oven will make a great addition to any home and is also a great present. We believe in the superior quality of our pizza kits and we offer 2 years No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee
  • TASTY HOMEMADE PIZZA WITH A PERFECT CRUST – The weber grill pizza stone distributes heat evenly throughout the entire pizza while the cordierite stone absorbs the steam in the dough, so the inside becomes soft and the crust becomes crispy
  • EASY TO USE GRILL PIZZA OVEN - Our pizza oven kits don’t need assembling and are very practical due to the strong handles for carry, the oven lid to easily open the oven and the built-in thermometer to monitor the temperature
  • 【Easy to Install, Operate & Clean】- Assembles and installs in minutes with no tools. Equipped with 1.5m gas pipe (5/8-18UNF gas outlet thread). Fast, easy way to bake fresh/frozen pizza! Just apply some stainless steel cleaning solution to the outside of your unit by a small towel or rag.
  • 【Perfect Pizza Grilling Oven Kit Including All The Accessories】- It comes with the gas pizza oven, a 13" round pizza stone, a 12" * 14" foldable aluminum pizza peel and a protective oven cover. The cordierite pizza stone has super high temperature resistance (up to 2200℉) and robust stability, tolerates an implausible amount of heat, it pulls outer moisture off dough and promotes perfect crust, leaving the inside moist and fluffy.
  • 【Super Fast Baking & Automatic Rotating Device Design to Free Your Hands During Baking】- It takes about 10-15 minutes to preheat before the temperature reaching 932℉, then the pizza can be baked in 1 minute. Which means you can prepare multiple pizzas in advance and bake them all in a few minutes. The bottom bracket on which the pizza stone sits can be automatically rotated during baking to prevent the pizza from burning, you don't have to turn the pizza manually. No more burnt pizza!
  • 🍕【ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE】: All parts of outdoor pizza oven wood fired has stuck a part number label, with a step-by-step manua. The pizza ovens includes a waterproof cover, a pizza peel, a pizza stone, two steel baking tray and two iron carbon mesh. If there are any problems, such as missing parts, or damaged products, please feel free to contact us, we will give you the most professional guidance and provide you with the best shopping experience.
  • 🍕【Like A Grill 】: The pizza stone is placed on the first floor to make the pizza evenly heated, while firewood is placed on the second floor to burn. The pizza oven for grill with two baking trays is used for chicken, beef, pepperoni pizza, delicious steak, burgers, baked fish, and so on, which is perfect for parties, family gatherings, BBQ or camping outside
  • 🍕【5~8 Mins Cooking】: Our pizza ovens can reach high temperatures of over 800°F / 426.6°C (depending on the number of wood) in 10 minutes. High grade 304 stainless steel can make the heated evenly while cooking. This wood burning pizza oven make mean pizza in 5mins(700°F~800°F) or 8mins (500°F~600°F).
  • 🍕🍕[Easy Assembly & A One-Year Warranty 100% Guarantee]: 【Note The new style pizza oven uses better materials to enhance the overall quality but may look thin】Include a pizza peel and instructions. You can assemble it within 30 minutes. If there is any quality or delivery problem, feel free to contact us, our professional customer team will solve your problems within 24 hours.
  • 🍕[Humanized Design]: It is equipped with 2 wheels and handles for easy movement in the backyard or garden, and its ergonomic height allows you to use it easily. In addition, the pizza oven also has a built-in thermometer to help you monitor the temperature to achieve the best results and provide the perfect food.
  • 🍕[Durable Stainless Steel]: This BBQ pizza oven is made of exquisite steel, which is designed for long-lasting in the further. The high quality material not only makes it more stable and durable, but also ensure more even heat deliver in grilling
  • VARIOUS USES- Our pizza oven for grill can be used not only to bake pizza, but also to grill vegetables or meat. The portable oven is convenient for you to move it easily in the garden and is your first choice for barbecue appliances.
  • EASY to ASSEMBLE and GUARANTEE- It is easy to assemble. If you have missing or damaged parts, please feel free to contact us, our customer service team will help solve your problem within 24 hours.
  • PIZZA OVEN- The outdoor pizza oven is a great choice for parties, family gatherings, barbecues or outdoor camping. Just place the oven on the grill and make delicious pizza in 2-4 minutes. Pizza oven includes a built-in thermometer to help you monitor the temperature to achieve the best results and the most delicious food.
  • Portable Design - It's the perfect outdoor oven for all your grilling needs. Savor the flavor of rustic, Italian pizza, meats, veggies and more done in a wood-burning oven from your very own backyard or deck. Easily pack it up for any outdoor adventure. Perfect as a tailgate grill, camp oven, or road trip grill. Light up our wood pizza oven, and let the celebration begin.
  • Cast Master Elite PIZ-2000 Pizza Oven - Outdoor Pizza Oven for Wood Fired Taste - Portable, Wood Pellet Burning, Backyard
  • Pizza and More in Minutes - Built to last with durable stainless steel and premium quality parts and accessories. Reaches 900° and prepares your pizza in 3 to 5 minutes. The crust and toppings are done to perfection every time. The Cast Master Elite Pizza-2000 will deliver years of loyal service and so many pleasant memories.
  • 【Fast Cooking】: The pellet pizza ovens can be easily fueled using wood pellets, it can reach up to a temperature of 700-900 degrees Fahrenheit. And this oven is pretty fast, preheated pizza can be cooked in 3 minutes.
  • 【Food-Grade Stainless Steel】: The pizza grilling oven is made using high-quality stainless steel, and comes with a 12" pizza baking stone. The pizza oven size is 36" L ×14" W  ×27.4" H, the weight is 21 lbs.
  • 【Multifunctional Outdoor Oven】: Henson pizza oven is a novice-friendly home grilling oven that is easy to operate and can quickly bake fish, steak, roasting meat, vegetable, bread and more.
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Includes 11 realistic cooking accessories: 4 cookies, a cookie sheet, a fried egg, a piece of bacon, a steak, a frying pan, a spatula, and a towel
  • Ages: 24 months to 8 years
  • GREAT FOR SMALL SPACES: Easy to set up to its full size (15.5” wide x 11.5” deep x 20.5” tall)
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What to Look For in a best backyard pizza oven?

Today, our article intends to introduce and describe to you the best backyard pizza oven, which can be found easily on e-commerce websites these days. Nevertheless, it might take lots of time to get the best item for purchase. As a result, we're always here to help you with your problem.

Before making a purchase, best backyard pizza oven should be thoroughly researched. The following are some common questions you may raise. After being evaluated and confirmed to be effective, the most beneficial ones were picked.

  • Why are you advised to invest in this product?
  • How should you get to the point of buying a guide?
  • Where is a reliable place for you to ask for support?
  • Are there any benefits from this product?
  • What is the most popular one among these products listed here?

This article includes carefully and accurately checked and selected information about products through AI and Big Data. The goal is to create an accurate and objective set of information for you guys to count on.

Items on this list have undergone extensive testing and approval by experts. Your task is to consider the following factors:


You may find accessories that make it easier to use your pizza oven. In other cases you might need to purchase additional accessories. You will first need to be able to judge the temperature of the pizza oven. Check to see if your outdoor oven has an integrated thermometer. An infrared thermometer is a great way to quickly and easily check the interior temperature without actually having to reach into the oven.

Location And Size

Prior to considering any other options, it is important to decide where and how big you want your oven to be placed. A smaller indoor electric oven is necessary if you have limited space in your home or apartment. An electric oven can usually hold a 12 inch pizza, and takes up only a small amount of countertop space.

Outdoor ovens offer more possibilities if you are willing to invest. These ovens only require stable surfaces made of metal or wood that are strong enough for your oven to be placed on it without it falling over. The oven's overall dimensions will vary depending on the size of its cooking surface. Most ovens are capable of holding a 12 to 13 inch pizza. Larger models may hold 16 inches.


Nearly all of the small- and medium-sized ovens currently on market have a sleek contemporary design with stainless steel finishes and an internal pizza stone baking surface. While some models are available in silver or black, most don't offer a wide range of colors.

In smaller ovens, the heat source is usually at the rear of the oven. Open flame ovens allow for the flame to reach a portion of the roof of an oven to heat more pizza. This oven's vaulted roof is designed to replicate the traditional heating patterns of brick ovens.

For gas-powered ovens with an ignition knob, outdoor ovens can be turned on using a dial to adjust the flame output. The starter is used for wood- or charcoal-fired ovens. They are also match-lit, just like grills. An electric oven is usually set at a temperature or time using a dial. It also has an indicator light that will let you know when the oven has finished heating.


The advantage of pizza ovens is their high heat. This makes cleaning your oven easier after you have finished baking. If some cheese melts on your pizza's side while baking, the high-temperature oven can likely to incinerate it. After the oven cools enough for you to use the pizza stone, simply wipe it clean and then return the baking sheet to the oven. You may have to scrub the pizza stone with a grill brush or softener if it is incredibly sticky. You should not soak or wash the pizza stone in any water. Stones can be sensitive to water. This will cause them to become brittle and more prone to cracking. After the oven has been turned off, you can wash it with soapy water.


You want to use the best oven you have. You want your pizza to be cooked at least 750 F. A traditional Neapolitan pizza is cooked at 800 F in a wood-fired oven and finished within 60 to 90 seconds. This may sound crazy, but it is true. Most pizzas made in brick-wood-fired ovens can make hundreds of pizzas per day. With several outdoor wood-burning models, you can achieve temperatures of 800 to 900 F at home.

Many ovens come with an insulation or double-layered roof to retain heat. Dual-heating elements are used on the bottom and top of some ovens to regulate baking and control the toppings and crust.

Although many pizza ovens claim heat distribution evenly, it is still necessary to turn the pizza at least once while baking. This applies even for short-cooked pizzas. You will need to practice handling the pizza peel in order to maneuver your dough.


Many small outdoor ovens have detachable legs that can be collapsed for easy transport to the campsite, camping, backyard, etc. The portable pizza ovens can be assembled and taken apart quickly and come with a bag for easy storage. Although the oven may be lightweight, it is still possible to transport it. Some ovens can be as light as 25 pounds while others may weigh as much as 50 pounds.


Can I Leave My Pizza Oven Outside?

It depends on what type of pizza oven you have. If your oven is a brick or stone-encased, you can leave it outdoors all year. As long as it's clean and dry before you use it again. You'll need to cover other types, such as portable pizza ovens or rolling-cart models. You should treat these fragile items in the same way as your favourite grill or barbecue setup.

How Hot Does A Pizza Oven Get?

Pizza ovens may reach temperatures as high as 900 F. Some ovens have been tested to heat up to that temperature. Outdoor pizza ovens can heat to 700-800 F while indoor pizza ovens are capable of heating to 600-750 F.

How Does A Pizza Oven Work?

Different pizza ovens can be made from different materials than traditional home or restaurant ovens. These ovens are usually compact and have a stone foundation and domed roof. While the stone base heats the crust, the domed roof heats the top and distributes the heat evenly. A pizza oven's design is to preserve and maximize heat, so it can cook at higher temperatures than other ovens.

Some pizza ovens have removable doors on the sides to retain heat. Others do not. The front opening of pizza ovens is kept small to ensure high temperatures. High oven temperatures allow multiple pizzas to be cooked quickly without losing heat.

There are many heating options for pizza ovens, such as propane gas, electric, wood or charcoal-fired. Because it is safer to heat higher temperatures outside, most pizza ovens are designed for outdoor use.

What Is A Pizza Oven Stone Made Of?

Traditional pizza stones are usually made from clay and ceramic, which have been baked at high temperatures. They can resist and retain heat. Clay stones have excellent insulation qualities, however stones must be handled with care in order to prevent cracking.

Cast iron and cordierite are used in oven stones. They can also withstand greater wear than ceramic and clay stones. No matter which type of stone you select, all options require extra care in cleaning.

What Can You Cook In A Pizza Oven?

Although pizza ovens can be used to cook pizzas at high temperatures, they are also very versatile. Many pizza ovens have temperature controls that allow you to heat other foods without burning them. For anyone who is interested in making breads such as sourdough, focaccia, and other dough-based pastries that can be baked in high-temperature ovens, this feature could prove to be very useful.

High-temperature ovens can also be used to quickly roast vegetables and meats such as chicken, steaks, and ribs. Many people love the wood-fired pizza ovens' smoked flavour. A pizza oven is a great way to cook side dishes or meats that are easy to prepare in cast iron, ceramic skillets, and other cooking methods. To prevent grease from seeping into the pizza oven's surface, foods containing excessive oil and fat should be avoided. You can try a wide range of hardwoods and find the perfect smoked flavor for you. Maple, walnut, maple, hickory and ash are all good options.

Where Should An Outdoor Pizza Oven Be Placed?

Because pizza ovens contain fire and smoke, ventilation is essential. This means that your oven should be placed at least 5 feet from any flame-prone items, such as patio furniture or seat cushions. It also needs to be far enough from the guests so they don't inhale smoke.

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