The Best Bamboo Cutting Boards For 2022

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Best Bamboo Cutting Boards
Best Bamboo Cutting Boards

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove

Extra Large size and multifunctional design, this cutting board is a must for all the kitchen. With handles carved into the sides, this cutting board doubles up as a cheese board or serving tray. The extra large wood cutting board is also great for all your chopping needs, ensuring that you are always prepared for meal crafting. Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: Wood Cutting Board Set - Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove

Royal Craft Wood cutting boards for the kitchen are the perfect addition to your home. With deep grooves that catch meat and fruit juices, your workspace will be clean and well-organized even during the busiest cooking moments. Three boards in one, so you can cook comfortably and effortlessly. Read Review

3. Best Safety: Organic Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board with Lifetime Replacements

This cutting board is a smart choice for both kitchen ease and health! Made from eco-friendly bamboo and non-toxic mineral oil, these boards are durable and dishwasher-safe. They offer a large surface area for less prep time and are also extra large, so you can easily cut larger pieces of meat. Read Review

4. Best Performance: Farberware Bamboo Cutting Board, Set of 3

Made of 100% natural bamboo, these cutting boards are effective alternatives to wood with a unique, eco-friendly design. The bamboo cutting boards are easy on knife blades and will not dull them, yet they are substantially stronger than traditional wooden cutting boards. In addition to being one of the world’s most renewable resources, bamboo is also healthier for your kitchen and environment. Read Review

Cutting raw or cooked food can be messy. Bacteria from your hands and dirty dishes can spread quickly, so you should have a clean cutting board for every task. It would help if you also had different cutting boards for other jobs. Bamboo is one of the most hygienic materials available, so cutting boards made out of it are a great choice if you want to cut foods without worrying about germs.

Keeping your bamboo cutting board clean will also be a cinch because they require little maintenance. This article will discuss the top 10 best bamboo cutting boards you can buy. Some of these products might surprise you, and others might not, but we hope our list will help you make an informed decision before purchasing the best bamboo cutting board.

Our team spent about hours researching, sifting, and selecting many high-quality models. Our Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove with a multifunctional double-sided design is the product that receives the highest award from us. In addition to the other suggestions on this list, which equally deserve your consideration, we have compiled a helpful buyer's guide to assist you in making your decision.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove
Our Score:
  • 🔪KNIFE-FRIENDLY SURFACE WITH STUNNING DURABILITY! The Royal Craft Wood Cutting Board is made out of 100% natural bamboo, offering greater durability than your standard cutting boards for kitchen. The surface of our board is strong, but flexible, so your knife won’t become blunt through regular use.
  • 📏EXTRA LARGE SIZE AND AMAZING VERSATILITY! This fantastic cutting board comes with a multifunctional double sided design, as well as handles carved into the sides, making it the ideal board for all your cutting and chopping needs. Extra large wood cutting board, it also doubles up as a cheese board or serving tray, making for an extremely versatile product for everyday use.
  • 🌳ALL-NATURAL PREMIUM BAMBOO BOARD! This large cutting board is made entirely out of carefully selected bamboo. The nonporous structure of our carving board will absorb less liquid, making the surface resistant to splinters, cracks or peeling. Easy to clean by hand, no more flavor mingling while you cook! Our cutting board is a great gift idea for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming parties, or any occasion.
  • 🍉BUILD-IN GROOVE - NO MESS, NO STRESS! Our chopping board makes cutting meat, fruits or vegetables efficient and clean. The innovative built-in drip groove is able to hold juices for a neat cutting surface. With a robust structure, it will stick to your countertops without sliding or tilting, allowing you to express your culinary skills to the fullest.
  • 💯OUTSTANDING QUALITY AND WARRANTY! This cutting board is a quality product made for years of use, we offer a 1-year warranty for this large cutting board, as well as a 100% Money-Back guarantee. If you are not absolutely thrilled at it, we will fully refund you, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
TOP Choice #2 Wood Cutting Board Set - Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove
Our Score:
  • NO MESS WHEN CUTTING. Royal Craft Wood cutting boards for kitchen have deep grooves that catch meat and fruit juices. Your workspace will be clean and well-organized even during the busiest cooking moments.
  • THREE BOARDS FOR ALL KITCHEN TASKS. It’s a Bamboo Cutting Board, 3 pcs set - a small board on a trip, a medium-sized one for small chopping tasks, and the big one during party meal prep. 3 optimal sizes: 15”x10”x0.6”, 12”x8”x0.6”, 9”x6”x0.6”. The art of cooking begins with this cutting board set! Cutting boards and butcher blocks.
  • OUTSTANDING QUALITY! This cutting board is a quality product made for years of use, we offer a 1-year warranty for this bamboo cutting board set with juice groove, as well as a 100% Money-Back guarantee. If you are not absolutely thrilled at it, we will fully refund you.
  • SIDE HANDLES FOR A KILLER SERVING TRAY. Use the cutting-chopping-cheese board as a platter to serve cheese and charcuterie - it is comfortable to carry and good-looking.
  • KNIFE-FRIENDLY SURFACE. Smooth bamboo wood doesn’t dull your knives and feels easy to cut on. Also, there will be no scratches and marks on the board. The high-quality cutting board set is made from bamboo and will work great for your chopping boards needs.
  • MORE SURFACE room on an extra large cutting board means less meal prep time. Greener Chef’s all natural bamboo cutting boards for kitchen ease make cooking a cinch!
  • WILL NOT WARP, split, or crack. These wooden cutting boards for kitchen use can last for life. Prep, slice and serve on the XL cutting board large enough for it all and ADD TO CART
  • DEEP GROOVES, less mess. Use for fruit or as an extra large meat cutting board with juice groove channels for excess juices. Perfect large wooden cutting board for kitchen slicing and dicing
  • KNIFE FRIENDLY bamboo chopping board wood - made of 100% Moso. No dull knives. Use its other side to create a large bamboo cutting board platter for serving bread, cheese plus more
  • EASY TO CLEAN chopping boards for kitchen cleanliness! Season bamboo board with our food grade cooking board oil, wash using soap, water and your cutting board bamboo is good as new
4 Farberware Bamboo Cutting Board, Set of 3
Our Score:
  • USE AS CHARCUTERIE BOARD: These cutting boards can also be used as charcuterie boards or cheese boards, a beautiful way to serve cheese, meats, olives, breads and any other appetizer
  • NATURAL BAMBOO These bamboo cutting boards are great alternatives to wood cutting boards; bamboo is easier on knife blades, yet substantially stronger than traditional wooden cutting boards; bamboo is also one of the world’s most renewable resources
  • KITCHEN ESSENTIAL: This set of 3 bamboo cutting boards are perfect for everyday food preparation, from slicing fruit to chopping veggies and is a perfect kitchen starter set, housewarming gift or back-to-school essential
  • REVERSIBLE: Boards feature a reversible surface, perfect for both meal prep and entertaining.
  • 3 SIZES: Set includes a large cutting board: 11 inches by 14 inches; a medium cutting board: 8 inches by 10 inches; and a small cutting board: 5.5 inches by 8 inches
  • EASY CARE: Simply hand wash or wipe with a damp cloth; do not soak in water or wash in the dishwasher
  • PREP AND SERVE: The larger boards are ideal for cutting meats, fruits and vegtables while the lightweight 8-inch board is perfect for slicing garnishes and serving small appetizer spreads
  • A BETTER CUTTING SURFACE: These boards are crafted from beautiful flat-grain Moso bamboo, which makes them lightweight and durable, yet gentle on knives to preserve their sharpness for continuous use
  • EASY TO HANDLE: The lightweight medium and large boards feature a handle to hang for storage and easy carrying
  • SIZED FOR ANY TASK: The three boards included in this set cover a variety of food prep, cutting and serving needs; it's sure to be a valuable addition to any kitchen
  • ✅ EASY TO CLEAN: These strong bamboo cutting boards will neither crack or slide easily. Place it on a surface and start chopping some colorful peppers, mushrooms or any vegetable that you like. When you are done, simply wash it with some soap and water and let it air dry. To extend its beauty, apply mineral oil to board before first use.
  • ✅ 100% MOSO BAMBOO CHOPPING BOARDS: If you are fed up with weakly made cutting boards and you need one to do some heavy duty cutting and chopping, we have a proposal for you. Our cutting boards are made from high quality Moso bamboo wood and they are BPA free so as to be completely safe to use on a daily basis. Invest now on the best cutting board that will never dull your knives and make a nice addition in your kitchen.
  • ✅ THE ULTIMATE CUTTING BOARD SET FOR ALL: If you are looking for a top notch quality cutting board that is extremely safe to use, then we got you covered. Not only one, but 3 premium quality cutting boards will serve your daily needs to the fullest. Forget all those poorly made boards that were full with plastic or would fall apart easily. Keep you and your beloved ones protected in the kitchen with our marvelous bamboo cutting board set.
  • ✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Freshware bamboo cutting boards are meant to help you eat healthier and save money by cooking at home. In the unlikely case that your cutting board is not perfect for you, just send them back for a full refund or replacement!
  • ✅ UNIQUE CRAFTSMANSHIP CUTTING BOARD SET IN 3 SIZES: Freshware has cleverly designed these boards to satisfy even the most demanding chef needs. The top and bottom of the cutting boards are vertical whereas the middle section is horizontal. We built them that way so as to add extra strength to the cutting board. Choose between the large 13 x 9.5 inch (33 x 24.1 cm), medium 11 x 8.5 inch (27.9 x 21.6 cm) or small 8 x 6 inch (20.3 x 15.2 cm)
  • LARGER THICKER SIZE YET PROPER WEIGHT: We designed a larger and thicker cutting board size: 18”L, 12”W, 0.8”H, which is stable on the countertop when cutting heavy things, such as watermelon, or chopping meat into ground, but meanwhile it’s not be too heavy to be carried.
  • SUPERB CRAFTSMANSHIP: Exquisite craft makes this cutting board very durable and strong, but not overly thick. After meticulous polishing, it is very smooth and extremely flat, without any burrs, cracks, splinters, etc.
  • KNIFE-FRIENDLY SURFACE: The very flat surface causes no damages to the knife like cracks or dullness. Treated with edible oil, the smooth cutting board will not make the blade worse, and there will be no scratches and marks on the board.
  • JUICE GROOVE & INNER HANDLE DESIGN: Surrounded built-in juice groove is close to the edge to maximize the cutting area while perfectly catch excess liquids without overflow to the countertop, meanwhile the grooves are not too narrow to clean. The inner handles are on the back taking no cutting areas and branding space doesn't take up much space, as well as the hanging hole.
  • NATURAL ORGANIC BAMBOO: Made from natural organic bamboo which is environmentally friendly and food safe, strong and resilient, ideal for slicing bread, fruits, vegetables, meats, steaks, cheeses, or as a serving tray. Compared to plastics’, which are brittle and unhealthy, bamboo contains no BPA, no formaldehyde and is friendly to forests and oceans.
  • GOOD FOR KNIVES: A bamboo cutting board set is an investment for your knives. They help retain blade sharpness.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Either use soapy water or salt water to clean your set of 4 wood cutting boards. Bamboo is inherently resistant to stains or smells, especially if you wash it right after using.
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN: Make double use of the wooden cutting boards by repurposing them as placemats, serving trays or charcuterie boards. The luxurious look is nice even if it’s just for food chopping, especially when you take social media pics. You get great value at this good price.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: Our promise: you get high-quality fruit, vegetable or meat cutting boards. If a board breaks within 12 months, please reach out to use for your replacement or refund.
  • SET OF 4: The assorted sizes cover all your cooking needs. Between the large and small chopping boards, you have one board just for meat or chicken and 3 others for produce. The groove in the largest board catches juice before your counter turns sticky and icky.
  • CUT OUT HANDLES: When cutting is completed, use the cut-out handle to pick up the board easily.
  • 【CUTTING BOARDS FOR KITCHEN】Four-layer thickened cutting board set includes 3 chopping boards of various sizes: "XL" size is 17.0*12.0*1.0 inch, suitable for meat or steak, "L" size is: 14.0*10.0*1.0 inch, suitable for vegetables, "M" size is 10.0*7.1*0.8 inch, suitable for fruit. Various sizes of bamboo cutting boards can meet your regular cutting needs. And it's also can be used as a serving tray to entertain guests. Equipped with cutting board rack for easy storage cutting boards.
  • 【DURABLE】Rounded corners on the four sides to decrease scratches and invisible handle design does not take up extra space. Rubber silicone can be added to the bottom (packaged separately, you need to install it yourself), which is more stable to use.
  • 【DEEP JUICE GROOVES】Built-in deep juice grooves to capture excess liquid during food prep. No need to worry about meat, fruit, or vegetable juice running off the board and onto your countertop when cutting. Thus you can keep your work area beautiful even during the busiest cooking time.
  • 【INNOVATIVE DESIGN】 The unique splicing craft and the four-layer thickening design are stronger and more durable than ordinary cutting boards, not easy to crack. Each board is made by highly skilled woodworkers and is meticulously constructed with attention to detail then finished with mineral oil. If properly maintained (hand washes recommended), this panel will last longer than most items in your kitchen.
  • We are committed to using the carefully selected materials to make the cutting boards. Our products have undergone strict quality inspections to screen out the perfect quality cutting boards.
  • 【EASY TO MAINTAIN】Cutting boards made of bamboo, doesn't absorb stains from your foods, unlike most cutting boards do. Just a simple washing and monthly treatment with oil will help preserve the beauty of your bamboo for many years to come.
  • 【BUILT-IN SIDE HANDLES】Our conveniently built-in side handles allow easy carrying which doubles the chopping board as a serving tray for cheese, bread, etc.! To delight your friends and family with this elegant plate.
  • 【MADE OF BAMBOO】Empune cutting boards are made of bamboo which can give you long-lasting service. Not only can they last for a long time, but they can also take whatever beating given to them and deliver without error whenever you need them. Bamboo cutting boards are hard to allow a smooth and easy cutting but at the same time, they are soft and will not damage your knives.
  • 【BUILT-IN JUICE GROOVE】Equipped with a juice groove around the edge to catch any excess juices or liquids during food prep. No need to worry about juices running off the board and onto your countertop when cutting up.
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What to Look For in a best bamboo cutting boards?

We're sure you've purchased something and afterward regretted it. We are all concerned about the items we purchase. The easiest method to prevent these concerns is to conduct a thorough study before purchasing the best bamboo cutting boards.

That is also why we decided to introduce this post in order to provide you with advice on how to avoid buying errors when selecting the best bamboo cutting boards.


Finally, even though appearance might not indicate the quality of your kitchen tools, its importance is important for cutting boards. You may be required to see this board for some time. It is more challenging to store larger boards so they may be left on your countertops for a while. It is important to be in love with the design, size and materials of your stove.


Choose a board about 15 ins wide that can be easily cleaned by placing it in the sink, or using a dishwasher. The larger cutting boards, while useful for making large-sized roasts or rolling out dough, are too bulky to be our daily go-to. You can save time by using smaller cutting boards when it comes to small or simple tasks.


You can find cutting boards in many different materials, such as plastic or wood. In that plastic cutting boards can be used to cut meat, vegetables, and are easily cleanable they prove more versatile. Although wood may feel better than other materials and be more tender on your knives, oil is often needed to treat it so it doesn't crack. Although bamboo can be lightweight and is easy to maintain, it won't last as long. It is not recommended to use glass as it can cause a dull knife and slippage that can lead to injury. Glass cutting boards also have the potential of shattering or cracking.


Wooden boards that are thicker and heavier will be less susceptible to slipping. This keeps them steady while you cut or chop. To prevent plastic boards from sliding across countertops, they need to have non-slip rubber frames or grips. To make it easier to transport boards, you can look into grips.

Nonslip Grip

If you are looking for boards that will stay put, look out for ones with a textured edge or bottom. Although you could work in the same way as professional chefs and put a dampened paper towel under your board to keep it from moving, we do not recommend that you waste any paper towels.

Juice Groove

We prefer cutting meats and juicy fruits with a moat around their edges. This helps to capture liquids. You should choose a cutting board that has a deep moat/trench and a pour-spout to drain the juices.


Plastic or composite materials are better choices if you don't want to use your dishwasher for cleaning up. Avoid putting wood cutting boards in your dishwasher as they may warp. They can also dry very slowly, leading to premature cracking and mold.


How Should You Store A Cutting Board?

Cleaning your cutting board properly starts with how you store it. Although it may seem obvious to stack your cutting boards flat, drying them on their sides will speed up and dry quicker. This will allow the most extensive areas of your cutting board to dry quickly and reduce the risk of any debris getting on the surface. You can also keep it in good condition for many years. Wooden boards should be stored in dry areas to prevent cracking.

How Do You Oil A Cutting Board?

Make sure to clean the wooden cutting board well before oiling it. So oil will completely soak into the wood and not compete with any water or food residue. Use natural mineral oil, beeswax and an oil made specifically for cutting boards when you are ready oil the board. Do not use olive oil or avocado oil. These oils can rapidly go rancid.

The oil can be applied to a thick-duty towel or a smooth, soft cloth. Rub the oil in with your fingers along the grain of wood. Continue doing this until all of the board is covered. Additional oil can be applied if the board becomes extremely dry or absorbs oil very quickly. The oil will remain on the cutting board overnight so it can absorb the oils.

Are Wooden Cutting Boards Safe?

The wooden cutting boards will be safe as long you keep them clean and allow them to dry completely. There are no cross-contamination issues with wooden cutting boards. It is fine to use multiple cutting board and have one designated specifically for meats. If your wood cutting boards crack or split, sustain deep scratches, or are difficult to clean, you can get a new one.

How Do You Clean A Wooden Cutting Board?

A wooden cutting board can be cleaned with hot water, dish soap and a sponge. The best way to clean your wooden cutting board is with a sponge or soft bristle toothbrush. Rinse it well and then use paper towels or a clean towel to remove any water. The board should be left standing while being air-dried to prevent it from getting wet.

How Do You Clean Other Cutting Boards?

The same washing procedure should be used for bamboo cutting boards as for hardwood ones. For the full heat sterilization that the dishwasher offers, plastic and rubber boards should be washed in a dishwasher.

What Oil Should You Use For A Wooden Cutting Board?

There are many products on the market that can protect your wooden cuttingboard, including oil, wax, or oil-andwax. However, food-grade oil is an option. Your cutting board's protective oil is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also protects against scratches and absorbs odors.


Finally, the best bamboo cutting boards may be readily used and offers a range of options to meet your needs. When looking for another kind of best bamboo cutting boards, which we recommend  Large Wood Cutting Board for Kitchen, 1” Thick Bamboo Cheese Board, all of these characteristics are significant. 

We've combed through all of this data in order to assist you in making the best decision possible. Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help you discover the best bamboo cutting boards in the comments section below!

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