The 10 Best Bedside Gun Safes Of 2023, Tested By CampFireUSA

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Best Bedside Gun Safes
Best Bedside Gun Safes

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: RPNB RFID Gun Safe

Keep your firearms safe with the RPNB RFID Gun Safe. This advanced gun safe is built with a unique RFID Key Fob & Card with immediate access mode and rapid fire-backlit keypad for quick access. Read Review

2. Best For Price: RPNB Portable Security Safe

The RPNB pistol safe is constructed with 16-gauge steel powder coated, ensuring that it will maintain its strength and usability for many years, thanks to its expert craftsmanship. Read Review

3. Best Durable: VAULTEK VS20i Biometric Handgun Safe

This product has protection against theft provided by anti-pry bars, unique two-point anti-impact latches, internally mounted hinges, and rigid unibody construction, all of which contribute to the product's strength and durability. Read Review

4. Best Versatile: SOULYI Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe

Keep your valuables and firearms secure with the SOULYI Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe. This advanced biometric safe features a fingerprint scanner that quickly unlocks when your finger is placed on the scanner Read Review

5. Best Design: Biometric Slider Handgun Gun Safe

It can accommodate pistols with a maximum length of 9.2 inches and one spare magazine. The slender vertical design makes it ideal for storage under a desk or nightstand, discretely placing it on a bookshelf or concealing it within a car. Read Review

If you have children or house guests, you know you don’t always need to keep your most valuable possessions locked up. There could be plenty of things in your house that are less important than other things. You may even want to give the impression that you don’t have any cash or jewels by keeping them hidden from prying eyes and robber hands.

If this sounds like you, chances are good that a gun safe is on your list too. A bedside gun safe keeps your firearms and ammunition close at hand so that you can quickly grab them if danger strikes. These safes are also handy because they don’t take up much space and can be conveniently placed next to the bed without infringing on your room layout.

Our team had to focus on researching and sifting through 18 hours to get such results for readers. These studies are based on customer star reviews and interviews about their feelings when using the product. As a result, We believe the best bedside gun safes is the RPNB RFID Gun Safe. This advanced gun safe is built with a unique RFID Key Fob & Card with immediate access mode and rapid fire-backlit keypad for quick access. If you're looking for additional options and more in-depth advice, you may check out the following buying guide & FAQs.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 RPNB RFID Gun Safe
Our Score:

The updated intelligent biometric scanner with an immediate access mode, fast-fire backlit keypad, and manual keys is included in this product. Because the door opens and closes on its own, you will never have to wait for the automatic door to give you access to your weaponry, valuables, or documents. When you need quick access, using your fingerprint will allow you to do so swiftly. Additionally, the RPNB pistol safe was painstakingly crafted using a durable steel construction method, and it will continue to provide long-term strength and utility for many years.

It also has a black coating that prevents corrosion, giving it a professional appearance that is both long-lasting and easy to integrate into any interior space. A deluxe safe allows easy access to the firearms collection's various pistols. Safes are typically equipped with pry-resistant doors, sturdy double-layer steel housing, and pry-proof steel bodies that are seamlessly bonded to provide the highest protection against break-ins. The lack of interior light is a minor drawback, but it has no bearing on your experience.

TOP Choice #2 RPNB Portable Security Safe
Our Score:

You must keep your firearms locked up securely if you have small children who cannot understand the possible risks posed by firearms. Whether at home or on the move, securing your handguns and other compact guns by putting them in our Pistol Safe is the right thing to do. This pistol cabinet has a door that may be opened quickly in an emergency. It has a spring-loaded access door with a battery-powered PIN code that opens instantly when written correctly and sleeps for five minutes for invalid codes.

It also has a black coating that protects against corrosion, giving it a professional appearance that is both long-lasting and easy to fit into any interior area. In the event of a burglary, the safe's predrilled holes make for simple and fast installation on any shelf, in a closet, or a cupboard. The only issue is that you must press the buttons slowly and deliberately for them to enter, as pushing them too quickly would cause them to become unresponsive.

TOP Choice #3 VAULTEK VS20i Biometric Handgun Safe
Our Score:

You can have an incredibly interactive experience that can be accessed from your smartphone while within the safe's Bluetooth range. The new interface features and improvements have been made for managing and monitoring activities. If desired, Bluetooth can be turned on or off using the accessible hotkeys, while all other security features will continue to operate as usual. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is provided may give power for up to 6 months, and it can be charged using the charging kit that is included in a little under 2.5 hours.

Auto-open lid and responsive led lighting see safe contents at night with an integrated proximity sensor that illuminates the keypad the instant your hand brushes the keypad for quick button navigation. The tough and rugged construction is made of heavy-duty 16-gauge carbon steel with a long-lasting coating that protects against corrosion and ensures the continued safety of your valuables for many years to come.

The fingerprint scanner is not very good sometimes; however, you can open it using either the keypad or the manual key. Because of this, the fingerprint scanner will likely slow you down if you need to use it for self-defense.

The SOULYI Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe has a rugged stamping surface that strengthens the material's durability, allowing it to withstand the majority of severe attacks or crowbar impacts and being the thickest solid steel material. The lock box is also strengthened by reinforcing steeling on both sides of the SOULYI pistol safe. To secure it, wrap the high-strength steel security cable around a solid object. It is an excellent safety aid for those who travel by car.

You can unlock the Swiss-made, high-tech biometric gun safe in less than 0.1 seconds with a registered fingerprint; the safe can save up to 100 fingerprints. Separate switches that turn off the light and the sound aid in concealment in the dark, ensuring safety in dangers and emergencies while conserving energy. Additionally, you can use the two spare keys provided to unlock the vehicle pistol safely. However, if you hear two short beeps, you must scan your finger FOUR times to complete the process.

5 Biometric Slider Handgun Gun Safe
Our Score:

Depending on individual preference, the attached mounting plate can accommodate a variety of mounting configurations from the right, left, or top. In addition, it allows you to remove the safe from the mounting plate in seconds. A construction made of 16-gauge carbon steel with a coating resistant to wear and tear avoids corrosion and ensures that your gadget will be protected for many years. 

The high-resolution biometric sensor can store up to 20 different fingerprints in any gun safe. It can take high-resolution fingerprint images with an excellent match speed of fewer than 0.2 seconds, allowing for extra-fast entry. You can install the safe on a level surface from the top, left, or right side by using the screws that are included, or you can place it directly upright on the floor. The entire interior is covered in a thick and highly dense foam that does not move, shake, or push in any direction. Nevertheless, the battery case can be broken if you drop the safe gun, so you must use it carefully.

6 XDeer Biometric Gun Safes
Our Score:

XDeer gun safes for pistols feature a semiconductor fingerprint scanner for advanced protection. This heavy-duty handgun safe has a door that is resistant to being pried open and is fashioned out of entire steel. However, the safety door won't be easy to close appropriately after prolonged use.

Pry-resistant doors, double solid layers of steel housing, and pry-proof steel bodies that are smoothly welded together are some features that can be found on safes. These features provide the best possible protection against break-ins. XDeer safe keeps you and your loved ones away from firearms and safeguards your belongings at all times.

You can rapidly access the biometric gun safe for the very first time at the most crucial moment of your life to ensure your safety. There are three ways to unlock the gun safe: a fingerprint, a PIN, or a key. You should select the method that is most convenient for you and the quickest for opening the safe. The fingerprint lock can unlock your guns in as little as 0.1 seconds, and the PIN can have anywhere from 3 to 8 characters entered so that many people can use it.

7 WINCENT Elite Smart Gun Safe
Our Score:

This pistol safe utilizes a high-frequency IC chip sensor RFID card with encryption technology that cannot be decrypted. In addition, the card will not be degaussed and rendered useless after being utilized for an extended period. The WINCENT pistol safe box with RFID is significantly more secure than other brands' lockboxes on the market that only have an essential RFID feature. On the other hand, it would be best to have a handle and more inventive ways of temporarily mounting to other objects.

This portable automobile gun safe for handguns is fashioned out of a sturdy steel enclosure that has 18 gauges of thickness and was carefully molded. It comes with a security wire that can be attached to any fixed object at home or in a vehicle. You can also use it to secure it to other portable things. After five incorrect attempts with the same card or combination, the gun safe will automatically lock itself for one minute. 

More To Consider

8 KAER Biometric Gun Safes
Our Score:
9 AINIRO Gun Safe
Our Score:
10 VERPROOF Biometric Gun Safe
Our Score:
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What to Look For in a best bedside gun safes?

To buy any product seems easy, but to choose the best one is not straightforward. The time you take to research its outcome is significant. The same matter also comes to best bedside gun safes of 2023 that we include in this article. But you can relax instead of spending too much time learning the products. It’s our duty!

Here are the main features of best bedside gun safes that all of you guys should keep in mind when deciding to make a purchase:

Fire Resistance

A gun safe that is safe and secure should be rated at 350F during an hour of fire cladding. This rating is recommended by the UL. Because accidental fires could occur in homes and vehicles, it is essential that your safe passes the UL test.
Gun safes on the market are made of ceramic sheetrock and wool blanketing. This protects it from excessive heat or fire. Keep in mind that cartridges and shells can catch fire when they are burned. The UL doesn't rate an entire safe. It only rates the materials used if they are fireproof.

Quick Access

It is important to check if the safe can be accessed quickly during an emergency. Quick access safes are the best because they can be opened quickly in an emergency. You can get fast access gun safes for a reasonable price.
These gun safes are usually locked and can only be opened by the owner using biometric scanners. One example is the Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe. This safe prioritizes speedy access.


Even gun safes that have the exact same contents can be very different. A heavier gun safe is better because burglars will find it difficult to transport and break into. A heavier safe is more resistant to theft.
Lighter gun safes are great options if you have to carry your safe around.

Type Of Lock

Safes can now be opened digitally using voice activation, fingerprint authentication, password and password. It is easier for both experienced and older burglars to open safes digitally. The mechanical locks are durable and never go out of style. These locks last for many years and require very little maintenance. They are also more precise, which makes them less susceptible to electronic issues.

The UL recommends that you choose a lock with UL certification. Most often, it's the mechanical locks. Today's electronic safes have 90% more problems than their intended purpose. This does not necessarily mean digital locks are not reliable. You just have to select one of the Type 1 models from the UL. These locks are durable if they are well maintained. These locks can be costly but they will protect you from many of the risks associated wither locks. Digital locks will leave fingerprints after several weeks. Therefore, it is important to always change your passkey.

Gun Size And Capacity

A smaller safe is not recommended for multiple guns and rifles. Although you might be able initially to fit the guns in your safe, as you grow, it may become difficult to store them all. You should buy a safe that is larger than your actual gun storage capacity. You can store valuables and guns in this safe to protect them from burglars or children.
Ideal is a safe that is 6 inches larger than the length of your longest firearm. This should be determined by the space that you can afford to lose in your home. It is unwise to purchase a 30-inch safe as it can be bulky and attract the attention of others.
It is a good idea to get a safe with three gun storage. This will allow you to store more guns and your pistol.

Wall Thickness

The thickness of gun safe walls varies. Your gun will be easily accessible if you drill on thin safe walls. Thieves know the thickness of the doors, so they drill through them. If they are lucky enough, the gun could fall in the wrong hands.
For a gun safe, a 10-gauge sheet is best. If you're really serious about security, you could get a 16 gauge one. To provide additional support, a safe should have an additional layer of concrete or armor shield. To ensure that your safe can withstand any force from burglary, fire or other natural disasters, you should add an extra layer of concrete or armor shield.
The price will go up if the wall thickness increases. A thick wall is important, but not only that. Also make sure that it's made from steel.


A gun safe made of steel is a good choice if there are few burglaries in your area. The safe has a half-inch plate steel door, and a quarter inch steel wall. A B-rate safe is easy to break into with basic tools.
Gun safes can also be made from concrete, which is used to support the cabinet's wall. Although it can be difficult to determine the steel thickness and durability of each safe, one rule holds true: a safer safe will not easily be broken or cut into.
Gun owners often buy gun safes with shiny exteriors without considering the materials they are made of.


Are Gun Safes Fireproof Or EMP-proof?

Gun safes can protect you against just one threat, while others protect you against all three. If you are concerned about safety, make sure they have been tested by fire. In the event of an EMP attack, mechanical safes will be your best option.

Do I Need A Gun Safe?

While you may not want to purchase a gun safe, there might be local laws that govern your use of the gun safe. To ensure you are within the lateral limit, check your local laws.

Is A Gun Safe Worth It?

Gun owners no longer need to keep guns on nightstands or in cabinets with glass doors. Gun owners who are smart will keep their guns out of reach and locked away. A safe is better than a unbreathable gun case that can cause rust issues. Some safes also offer fire protection. Safe storage can be a good investment to safeguard your firearms investments and ensure they do not fall into wrong hands.

If you need to have a firearm handy in your home, a safe is logical. You can keep your firearm safe and secure in a small, bedside safe that has a biometric or keypad lock.

Can Guns Rust Inside A Safe?

Gun safes cannot be airtight so it is safer to keep a gun inside a safe than in an unbreathable gun case. Guns can rust in safes, particularly if they are located in humid areas. If your safe is not in a climate controlled area, the likelihood of it rusting increases. You should look into the many in-safe silica gel pack and dehumidifiers. You should also make sure you clean your guns thoroughly and dry them with a soft, damp cloth before you store them. Condensation can build up on guns if they are left out in the cold.

What Happens When I Forget My Combination?

To reset your safe, retrieve it, or unlock it, you will need to know the type of safe that you own. This information is important to know in order to call the safe company.
Once you have identified the safe type, it is time to check if the safe comes with a key override. You can also use the "change key" to modify the combination of your safe and get access to it if you do not have an override key.
You can try all of these things and still the safe remains locked. Contact a locksmith to get all information, including brand, model, and type. This will allow them to unlock your safe.

Are Gun Safes Bad For Guns?

If you do not use a humidifier, gun safes could be dangerous for your guns. Gun safes are the most secure place for firearm storage.

Are Gun Safes Bulletproof?

The thickness and velocity of the bullet determine whether a safe can withstand bullets. The safe that has a thickness of 3/8 inches can withstand any caliber handgun bullet and certain rifle bullets. It would be difficult to shoot your way through safe walls. High-quality safes have relockers that lock the doors automatically when the lock is damaged. This means you won't be able to shoot the lock open.

Thanks to our experienced editors, the information on the website is always up-to-date and, of course, accurate. But whether you get, it updated or not depends on how often you visit our website. Please make sure you keep a close look for us not to miss any change.

Would you mind letting us know if there are any issues or difficulties with best bedside gun safes? Your feedback, of course, inspires us with the motivation to improve the website!

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