The 10 Best Beginners Telescope To See Planets Of 2023, Researched By Us

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Best Beginners Telescope To See Planets
Best Beginners Telescope To See Planets

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: HEXEUM Telescope

This telescope features excellent-quality optics and provides stunning views of the night sky. Its high magnification and excellent-quality eyepieces make locating objects easily and its portable design makes it convenient to take wherever you go. With its advanced technology, your eyes are protected from harmful light while you explore the stars! Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: ToyerBee Telescope

This telescope is designed to make the images brighter and clearer, providing you with a crystal-clear view of faraway places. With adjustable magnification and a wireless remote, you can explore the world like never before. And with its adjustable tripod, you'll be able to get the perfect angle for your observations. Read Review

3. Best Reliable: ECOOPRO Telescope

See the stars in a whole new way with Ecoopro Telescope. This high powered telescope is designed for optimal performance, with fully coated optical glass and high transmission coatings that create crisp images with increased brightness and clarity. Plus, its quick set up and easy to locate objects faster for a more efficient stargazing experience. Read Review

4. Best Adjustable: ToyerBee Telescope

This powerful telescope offers high magnification and high transmission coatings to provide you with amazing views of the night sky. With its easy-to-assemble design and wireless remote, you can explore your surroundings like never before. Let ToyerBee Telescope help you discover the world's wonders from the comfort of your home! Read Review

5. Best Design: ESSLNB Telescopes

This powerful telescopes feature large objective lenses, multi-fully high transmission, and optimum magnification that enhances image brightness and clarity for a comfortable and free observation. Plus, its lightweight design makes it easy to carry. Get ready for an unforgettable stargazing experience! Read Review

Are you looking to explore the universe and see planets in a way that you never have before? A telescope is the perfect way to do that! There are a variety of telescopes available for beginners, each offering different features and benefits.

However, the best telescope for seeing planets is one that has a high magnification and a large aperture. A high magnification will give you a more detailed view of the planets, while a larger aperture will help you get a brighter view.

The size and quality of the telescope also matters, as it will determine how much light it can collect and how sharp your views will be. Knowing what features to look for when selecting a telescope for viewing planets can help you choose the perfect beginner telescope for your needs.

Our team spent about 15 hours researching, sifting, and selecting many high-quality models. As outcome, We think the best beginners telescope to see planets is HEXEUM Telescope. This high-performance telescope makes your images brighter and clearer, enabling you to explore the nature of the world in great detail. Consider ToyerBee Telescope as an alternative if you're still undecided. Other suggestions on this list are definitely worth considering, and we've put up a useful shopping guide to help you decide!

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 HEXEUM Telescope
Our Score:

Excellent Quality Optics: Astronomical telescope features 500mm(f/7.1) focal length and 70mm aperture, provides stunning views and protects your eyes.18

Great Gift Ideas: The telescope is a perfect gift or birthday gift for kids or beginner astronomers. It helps them build interest in astronomy and science, exploring the unknown, enjoy nature and away from the screen. The kids' astronomical journey starts from here!

Portable And Convenient: Comes with a phone adapter and an adjustable aluminum tripod. Wireless remote control and carrying bag make it easier for you portable and capture amazing images.

High Magnification: Our telescope for kids and adults is quipped with two excellent-quality eyepieces (25mm and 10mm) and a 3x Barlow trebles the magnifying power of each eyepiece. Also with 5x24 finderscope makes locating objects easily.

Satisfaction Quality: lifetime maintenance. If you have any questions about the product and service, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to help you in 24 hours!

TOP Choice #2 ToyerBee Telescope
Our Score:

Wireless Remote: ToyerBee telescope set includes one smartphone adapter and one wireless camera remote to explore the nature of the world easily through the screen. You can take some amazing photos to share with your friends. The telescope is a great astronomy gift to send the astronomy enthusiasts and 8-12 kids.

Adjustable Tripod: With an adjustable tripod, our astronomical telescope’s height can adjust from 16’’ to 46’’, which can adapt to different view positions. It’s also convenient to be carried when you go out and travel.

70mm Large Aperture: The telescope is equipped with a 70mm large aperture objective lens which makes the images brighter and clearer. The bigger the aperture is, the bigger the field of vision will be, so you can see clearer images. Professional telescope can help adults&kids view the planets and moon.

Satisfaction Service: A 3-year customer service is offered by ToyerBee. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our telescopes and service.

15X-150X Magnification: Our refractor telescope is equipped with two eyepieces (H20mm and H6mm) and a 3X Barlow lens. The 3x Barlow lens trebles the magnifying power of each eyepiece. So you can get magnification from 15X to 150X. Whether watching stars and moon at night or observing planets, ToyerBee telescope is the best helper for kids & adults & astronomy beginners.

TOP Choice #3 ECOOPRO Telescope
Our Score:

360mm focal length and 70mm aperture, fully coated optical glass with high transmission coatings telescope which creates crisp images with increased brightness and clarity.

Includes two 1.25" eyepieces (K25mm & K10mm) which you can enjoy the magnification from 51X to 128X, And 5X24 Finder Scope can made the starscope telescope locate objects faster.

No-tools quick set up and easy find your objects, perfect telescope for kids and astronomy beginners and it’s good gift to send your children.

Come with adjustable tripod , it allows for any viewing position. Great gifts refractor telescope for kids 8-12, 5-7.

70mm telescope excels at daytime birding use as well as viewing wildlife, scenery and casual nighttime observing of the Moon

4 ToyerBee Telescope
Our Score:

Reliable Service Team: We provide 3 years satisfaction service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our telescopes and service.

70mm Large Aperture: The refractor telescope is equipped with a large 70mm objective lens and the lens is fully coated with high transmission coatings. The high transmission optics lens can increase light transmittance and reduce the reflection of light. The bigger the aperture is, the bigger the field of vision will be, so you can see the clearer and brighter images. Professional astromomy telescope can help adults & 8-12 kids view the planets and stars more easily.

Easy to Assemble and Use: The telescope is easy to assemble even for astronomy beginners and kids. We have the detailed installation manual and video installation instructions to teach you. And our telescope is easy to focus, allowing kids to quickly find targets and see clear images. The telescopre is great for 8-12 kids and it’s good gift to send your children.

Wireless Remote & Phone Adapter: Our telescope is equipped with a wireless remote and phone adapter. Just install your mobile phone on the phone adapter, connect to the the eyepieces of the telescope, and use the wireless remote to take the photos. You can take clear and bright pictures easily.

High Magnification: The telescope equipped with 2 eyepieces(H20mm and H6mm) and a 3X Barlow lens. The 3x Barlow lens trebles the magnifying power of each eyepiece, so kids can get magnification from 15X to 150X. Whether it's viewing planets or moon, our telescope is the best helper for adults & kids. It’s a great telescope for adults & kids 8-12 & astronomy beginners.

5 ESSLNB Telescopes
Our Score:

Package List: 1 x telescopios astronomicos, 1 x K25mm eyepiece, 1 x K9mm eyepiece, 1 x 3X Barlow lens, 1 x Protective Cover, 1 x Adjustable tripod (Tray included), 1 x Finder scope, 1X Phone adapter with 10X eyepiece(No need use it along with K9/25mm because the phone adapter has 10X eyepiece itself.), 1 x Star target planisphere (PVC), 1 x Metal moon filter, 1 x Backpack, 1 x Accessory backpack, 1 x Cleaning cloth, 1 x User manual.

Erect Image Refractor Telescope:Our telescopes achieve Erect images because of 128°Erect-image diagonal prism and 5X20 Erect-image finder scope.128°diagonal prism has 360°rotation capability.Erect images and comprehensive viewing angle offer you more comfortable and free observation than other inverted diagonal.Telescope phone adapter with 10X eyepiece is easier installation and take videos or images.

Optimum Magnification: This adult telescope uses 1.25” high power interchangeable eyepieces with the latest generation of Kellner eyepiece(K9mm,K25mm), 3X Barlow lens increase the magnification three times.Eyepieces and barlow lens are placed separately in a small accessory bag in order to stop from abrasion.Metal moon Filter can protect your eyes from glare.

80mm Astronomy Telescope: 400mm focal length and 80 mm large objective lens, multi-fully high transmission coated all-optical lens enhance image brightness and clarity.80mm objectives diameter is large enough to offer you wider field of view and comfortable observation.Good moon telescope for adults kids and astronomy beginners.

Telescopes with Adjustable Tripod and Carrying Bag:An Aluminum tripod is adjustable by 180 °in the vertical direction and 360 °in the horizontal direction for different viewing positions.The height of beginner telescopeis can be adjusted to 120cm.Stargazing telescope for adults comes with a bag, it is easy to carry.

6 AOMEKIE Telescopes
Our Score:

Easy to assemble: beginner telescope has high-quality aluminum tripod, which provides a stable base for observations. No tools is required for assembly. And tripod is adjustable in the vertical and horizontal direction

High-Class Optics: Fully multi-coated optical glass ensures excellent light transmission and creates stunning images of color fidelity. 90°erect-image diagonal offers more comfortable observation than other inverted diagonals

Various Applications: this telescopio is suitable for camping and traveling. Easy to carry and assemble. Best gifts for kids, beginners and astronomy amateurs when Birthday, Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving Day

Abundant Telescope Accessories: 5X24 finder scope with mounting bracket inside can easily help users find the target quickly. Moon filter can reduce the brightness of the moon and shows more details. Phone adapter and the constellation are also included

150X Magnification: This telescope comes with two replaceable eyepieces(6mm and 20mm), a 1.5X erecting eyepiece and a 3X barlow lens. This kid telescope can achieve powerful magnification, the highest up to 150X

7 Emarth Telescope
Our Score:

【HD Visual Experience & Smartphone Adapter】Now you can use smartphone to take pictures with your cellphone adpter; Two Kellner eyepieces, K10mm: 40X ,K25mm:16X provide the different magnification , using 5x24 finderscope to search stars, erect-image diagonal make the pictures we saw are erect , so that the telescope is not only good to see moon or stats but also great for watching wild lifes

【Portable & Stable】 The Emarth telescope come with an adjustable aluminum tripod and a carrying bag, we can bring our telescope to wherever we want and watch beautiful scenery at any time "

【70mm Super Large Aperture】 The refractor telescope has a 70mm large aperture objective lens and 360mm (F / 5.1) focal length, which makes the images brighter and clearer.The larger the aperture is, the larger the field of vision will be, so you can see the clearer images. A great kids telescope 10 years old to watch the moon and stars

【Easy Installation】This beginner telescope for kids 5-7 can be set up very quickly and easily, it also come with the manual, we encourage kids to love learning about space, the Emarth telescope is also a great gift for birthday or Christmas, kids who love science and astronomy must love this gift

【Excellent Quality Control & Great Outdoor Toys Gift Idea】 We promise you can get a great quality telescope, come to us if you have any dissatisfy, we will bring you back a smile

8 Celestron Telescope
Our Score:

114mm (4.5”) Newtonian reflector with highly reflective coatings and enough light gathering ability to view all the best celestial objects.

Unleash the power of your smartphone to take you on a guided tour of the night sky—no telescope experience required.

StarSense Explorer app automatically generates a list of objects currently visible. View planets, brighter nebulae and galaxies, star clusters, and double stars from the city. Or take your telescope to darker skies to view faint, deep sky objects.

Manual altazimuth mount with altitude slow motion adjustment with a sliding rod makes it easy to follow the on-screen arrows to your desired target. When the bullseye turns green, it’s ready to view in the telescope’s eyepiece.

Award-winning and patented StarSense sky recognition technology uses your smartphone to analyze star patterns overhead and calculate its position in real time.

9 EACONN Telescope
Our Score:

ALL YOU NEED ACCESSORIES: Fully loaded with 2 replaceable Kenller eyepieces (K20mm and K9mm) with 20x-44x magnifications, PLUS 5x24 finder scope with crosshair to locate the objects easily. Also equipped with a handy smartphone adapter to utilize your expensive smartphone lens to take sharp pictures/videos thru phone screen, or even further magnify the objects (better than traditional Barlow Lens).

COOLEST MOON WATCHING GEAR, EVER: This astronomical telescope built with premium fully multi-coated large 70mm diameter glass objective lens & 400mm focal length, ensuring BEST IN CLASS stunning moon image with JUST RIGHT brightness & magnifications. Be amazed with a telescope born to discover the moon and universe.

INCREDIBLE HOLIDAY GIFT: Perfect Christmas Gift for astronomy beginners and kids 8-12. Keep it at home for moon observing, or bring this travel telescope on the road for bird watching and landscape viewing, or even use it for microspuring plants & flowers. Enjoy various family fun times around this cool tech gift.

EASY TO INSTALL, FOCUS & USE: Equipped with professional grade aluminum tripod, offering superior stable watching experience with highly adjustable heights between 20 to 54 inches for both Adults and Kids. Also comes with the well organized, straight forward user manual PLUS setup tutorial video online to ensure an exceptional smooth installation experience.

LIFETIME WARRANTY AND SERVICES: Complimentary US LIFETIME Warranty once registered the product with HOROX, along with the customer care from our technical experts with 20+ years of industrial experiences.

10 Tuword Telescope
Our Score:

😮【Amazing Optical Clarity Erect Image】400mm(f/5.7) focal length and 70mm aperture, Fully Multi-Coated optics glass lens with High light transmittance, high color reproduction, light transmission of 90-95% for bright, sharp images. Very clear view of the moon, even shows craters. 48° erection zenith mirror, which converts the original inverted image into an erect image, making the viewing more comfortable. Perfect telescope for adults kids to explore moon and stars.

👍【Easy to Use】Alt-az Improved to 🦾Detachable Fine-Tooth Thread Fastening Structure, outstanding stability, after adjustment, the up and down swing rate doesn't exceed 0.05%, avoiding what you are looking at from slipping out of the field of vision. Up and down 180°, rotated 360°, multi-angle shooting, has a slow motion knob for precise adjustment. 5x24 finderscope with mounting bracket and internal crosshair can easily locate objects. Great for beginners kids adults telescope

🤩【High Useful Magnification, Enjoy Yourself】Come with 2 Eyepieces with dust caps:①K25mm(16X) ② K10mm(40X), Equipped with 3x Barlow lens(with dust caps) you can get magnification of 48X to 120X. You can see moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, bright double stars, Orion Nebula, and Pleiades star cluster. During the day, you can watch animals, landscapes, buildings. More than enough for beginners, A magnification of more than 150x won’t have much benefit for a beginner telescope.

😄【Sharing in Real Time】You can take pictures or videos and share them with your family and friends in real time with the phone adapter whenever you are. if your phones has more than one lens, please choose the main lens. 👏INNOVATION: Tripod compatible with 1/4 threaded holes cameras and equipment. Remove the lens barrel and assemble the mobile phone adapter on the tripod, you can do photography or live broadcast. Let's g0!

👍【High-Strength Aluminum Alloy 🦾Photography Tripod】 High-strength aluminum alloy material, stronger force, anti-slip rubber foot pads with outstanding stability, thicker design of the legs, the diameter of the top tripod up to 25mm, bottom up to 13mm, can bear 5kg (11lbs ), 4 section column legs, 3 plate buckles quick release and lock allow you to adjust the working height from 17.9 inches to 47.6 inches in seconds, allowing children and adults of different heights to use it comfortably.

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What to Look For in a best beginners telescope to see planets?


This aperture is recognizable by photographers. It controls how much light enters the telescope, just like on a manual camera. The aperture is the diameter of either the primary or lens mirror. A telescope with a larger aperture will draw more light, which can result in deeper views. The most important spec to be aware of is F-ratio. For wide-field observation and photography, low f-ratios such as f/4 and f/5 are best. However, high f-ratios such as f/15 make deep-space objects and nebulae easier to capture and see. Both can be done with midpoint f-ratios.

Portability And Weight

A telescope that is easy to transport and set up takes would be a good choice. You will be less motivated to use your telescope when it is set up and taking too much time.
You'll find it difficult to take a heavy, bulky telescope outside when the temperatures drop. Advanced amateur astronomers build observatories at home to keep their large telescopes up at all times.
Extra-large mounts and telescopes are not recommended for those with health problems or who cannot lift heavy objects. It is better to choose something smaller and lighter. It will be more useful.


There are many telescope eyepieces on the market. There are many options for magnification and viewing angles. A set of telescope eyepieces allows you to see large areas of the night sky and high magnification views on planets. If taken care of properly, a quality telescope eyepiece will last a lifetime.


There are many types of telescope mounts available. Some even have computerized models that track and follow the movement of the skies. A sturdy Dobsonian or altazimuth mount will make stargazing enjoyable. Telescopes not mounted on a computerized mount should not be moved or adjusted for focus.
An equatorial tracking mounting mount is necessary for astrophotography. The telescope will track objects in night sky when it is properly polar aligned. This will "freeze" an object in space, allowing for long exposure photographs.


The objective is the main light-collecting element of a telescope. A larger objective will allow for greater detail and reveal smaller targets. A reflector design makes it possible to have a larger telescope objective for a more affordable price. However, a refractor with the same size would be expensive.

Optical Design

There are many optical options for telescopes. These include reflectors and refractors as well as compound telescopes. Each telescope has its strengths and weaknesses. Refractors are my favorite type of telescope from an astrophotography standpoint, but they might not be the best choice for beginners.
Three types of optics are available for consumer telescopes. They will assist you in achieving three different goals. Refractor telescopes make it easy to focus celestial bodies such as the moon and nearby planets using a variety of glass lenses. Refractor telescopes, also known as Newtonian scopes after their inventor Sir Isaac Newton, swap lenses for mirrors. This allows stargazers to see further into space. The versatile compound telescope combines both of these methods with a compact, portable design that puts it right in the middle.


How can I find planets in the night sky?

The best way to find planets in the night sky is to use a star chart or an astronomy app to map out the planets’ current positions. You can then use the telescope to locate the planets in the night sky and observe them.

How do I set up a telescope to view planets?

Setting up a telescope to view planets requires several steps. First, find an open area away from any sources of light pollution. Once you have an area, you'll need to mount the telescope on a sturdy tripod. Next, you'll need to align the telescope with the celestial north pole. After that, you can use the telescope's controls to locate and track the planets. Lastly, you'll need to adjust the focus and magnification of the telescope to get a good view of the planets.

What type of telescope do I need to see planets?

If you are looking to observe planets, a good starting point is a refractor telescope. Refractor telescopes use a combination of lenses to magnify objects in the sky, and they are great for viewing the planets in our Solar System. A telescope with an aperture of at least 70mm is recommended for viewing the planets.


It's challenging to determine the greatest product while deciding what to buy. We wanted to help you narrow things down by offering a list of best beginners telescope to see planets above so you can make a better-educated decision before purchasing anything that might never work for you.

Would any of these ideas strike a chord with you? If that's the case, keep these in mind before making any purchases! You may also look into Dianfan Telescope to find another option that is a good fit for you.

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