The Best Bow Hunting Gloves - Complete Buying Guide 2022

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Best bow hunting gloves
Best bow hunting gloves

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: Carhartt Men's TS Flip It, Xtra Brown, Large

"The Carhartt Men's TS Flip-It features an open fingers and thumbs construction. This allows your hand to move more freely without restricting touch surfaces or keeping you from using certain devices. The Mossy Oak camo fleece shell is durable yet comfortable while the synthetic palm provides a tough grip in wet weather." Read Review

2. Best For The Price: Mossy Oak Lightweight Camo Hunting Gloves

"Mossy Oak Lightweight Camo Hunting Gloves are made with a 90% polyester/10% spandex blended 4-way stretch material that provides a comfortable, exact fit while remaining durable. These gloves feature an extended cuff and rubber palm that offers non-slip grip on your bow or gun. The design is made with Hydroplex Technology to ensure years of wear and use." Read Review

3. Best Comfortable: HOT SHOT Men’s Camo Bulls Realtree Edge Outdoor Hunting Camouflage

"This camouflage mittens with hook and loop closure is perfect for any outdoor activity. The spandex binding on the thumb, fingers, and palm of these mittens offers a sure grip. These mittens offer a soft, flexible feel to keep your hands comfortable all day long." Read Review

4. Best Versatile: Sitka Men's Fanatic Whitetail Optifade Elevated II Camo Hunting Gloves

"Sitka Men's Fanatic Whitetail Optifade Elevated II Camo Hunting Gloves are designed for the hunter who wants to look good and stay warm. These gloves not only look good, but they also boast full-fingered design, durable leather pull, and a half-finger design on the forefinger and thumb that enables greater accuracy and the ability to use a touch screen GPS or phone on the fly." Read Review

Finding the right gloves for bow hunting can be a challenge. You want something that will help you grip the bowstring, but you also don’t want to end up with a pair of mittens. Luckily, there are many options available when it comes to finding the perfect glove for bow hunting.

The first factor to consider is your skin type and how much force you’re likely to put on your fingers while hunting with a bow. Next, think about where you’ll be hunting and what kind of terrain you might encounter. Of course, one of the key factors will be whether or not you plan on using wool-blend material in your hunt. If you are new to bowhunting, then proceed with caution and look for gloves that have a bit of give as opposed to being super stiff like some other brands. Here we review our top picks for bowhunting gloves so that you can find what works best for your needs.

You are strongly encouraged to pay close attention to the Carhartt Men's TS Flip It, Xtra Brown, Large as our top product. Or you can check the Mossy Oak Lightweight Camo Hunting Gloves as the other great option, even if the first option didn't meet all of your requirements.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Carhartt Men's TS Flip It, Xtra Brown, Large
Our Score:
  • Mossy Oak camo fleece shell; synthetic palm; flip mitt construction
  • Elastic wrist
  • Lycra binding hem
  • Magnetic mitt; open fingers and thumbs
  • Synthetic reinforced palm and thumb
TOP Choice #2 Mossy Oak Lightweight Camo Hunting Gloves
Our Score:
Mossy Oak
  • VERSATILITY: Ideal for warm weather hunts during turkey, deer, and big game seasons. These camoflauge gloves make the perfect archery hunting gloves and double as a layering glove in colder weather.
  • BREATHABLE & DURABLE: The lightweight material and mesh inner thumb provides the breathability necessary for warm weather hunts, while the solid construction maintains lasting durability.
  • COMFORT: The stretch material provides a comfortable, exact fit for full dexterity with the feel of thin hunting gloves while remaining durable.
  • DESIGN: These camo hunting gloves are made with a 90% polyester/10% spandex blended 4-way stretch material, with an extended cuff and rubber palm that's ultra tacky for a non-slip grip on your bow, gun or other gear - Powered by Hydroplex Technology
  • MOSSY OAK CAMO: These gloves are available in a variety of camo patterns such as Break-Up Country, Obsession, Bottomland, or Vintage camo patterns like Original Bottomland, Greenleaf, and Original Treestand.
  • FABRIC: These mittens are made of 100% polyester tricot lining with a solid color fleece palm and cuff for extreme winter weather conditions. They are easy to take off after using and a great gift option for your favorite huntsman.
  • FUNCTIONAL: Keep your hands mobile with the spandex binding pop-top for your fingers to be exposed while shooting. There is a non-slip sure grip palm patch and thumb tip to hold onto items and use your phone effectively with these mittens.
  • COMFORTABLE: The elasticized wrist is a single row and works to keep the mitten secure on your hand to prevent cold wind and moisture from entering. There is a hook and loop closure to keep your mittens together when they are not being worn.
  • OUTDOOR: These mittens are a great item for outdoor lovers who enjoy hunting and fishing. The Realtree design camouflages into your hunting surroundings and seasons. Available in medium, large and extra large.
  • INSULATED: The Men’s Hot Shot Camo Bulls-Eye Fleece Pop-Top Mittens are lined with 40 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation. It is a pop-top mitten, the perfect accessory to stay warm outside without having a bulky hand.
  • DURABLE FABRIC: Built from 4-way stretch-woven polyester, the fanatic glove offers a perfect balance of warmth and dexterity, specifically for use with the front hand muff built into Fanatic Series pieces.
  • DURABLE WATER REPELLENT FINISH: The DWR finish resists light precipitation and prevents the face fabric from wetting out.
  • LEATHER PULL: Durable leather pull provides an easy on/off.
  • HALF-FINGER DESIGN: Half-finger design on the forefinger and thumb enables greater accuracy and the ability to use a touch screen GPS or phone on the fly.
  • GORE OPTIFADE CONSEALMENT ELEVATED II: It is the only concealment pattern scientifically engineered to confuse the vision of deer; it is designed for whitetail hunters in an elevated position.
  • TEXTURED GRIP PALMS & FINGERS: These camo hunting & shooting gloves have a specially designed grip surface on the fingers and palms to give you a tight grip on your bow, rifle or shotgun.
  • TOUCHSCREEN FINGER TIPS: Our deer hunting gear gloves are specially designed for touchscreen use with the index finger and thumb. No need to take your hands out of your gloves while hunting or shooting!
  • SOFT LINING MENS CAMO GLOVES: Created with comfort in mind, the inside of our camouflage gloves are soft to keep you comfortable during your hunting trips.
  • IDEAL CAMO HUNTING GLOVES: DecoyPro camo touch screen gloves are perfect to use as bow hunting gloves, turkey hunting gloves, deer hunting gloves and duck hunting gloves. Lightweight & convenient for any outdoor adventure!
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST (MENS L to XL) SIZE: Our mens hunting gloves are designed to fit well on most men’s large to extra-large hands for a natural and comfortable feel.
  • 2. 3 LOW FINGERLESS GLOVES: 3-finger cut fishing sun gloves combined full finger and fingerless advantages, cut-off 3 finger gloves make handing easy while still protect your hand. The exposed fingers do not interfere with sensation or gripping. It allows you to use your phone or other device easily without taking off your gloves.
  • 5. MULTI-PURPOSE GLOVES FOR MEN: These fishing gloves are extremely thin but strong, that is to say they will not warm in the colder season. but you don't sweat in summer. The gloves are great for fishing, hunting, shooting, photography and more. Nice gift for your husbend, father, son. Size: #M: Length*Width: 21.5cm(8.5in)*9cm(3.5in), #L: Length*Width: 22.5cm(8.9in)*9.5cm(3.7in).
  • 3. CAMO FINGERLESS GLOVES: These thin camo gloves with 3 low fingerless are perfect for camouflage your hands while still keep your hand with sensation or gripping. Such as grip hooks in fishing, manipulate your camera in animal photography, if you dislike gloves on your trigger hand especially the thumb and index finger in shooting and hunting, these fingerless gloves are your choice.
  • 4. SUN GLOVES ARE SLIP RESISTANT DESIGN: These lightweight fishing gloves are anti-slip design, gloves palm has fine mesh silicone on it to give it slip resistant, prevent the items from slipping and grip firmly. The gloves are great for outdoor sports fishing and hunting.
  • 1. THIN AND LIGHTWEIGHT FISHING GLOVES: The men's camo sun gloves are stretch fit, the wrist is elastic that can suitable for various wrists. Lightweight material is so good for warmer weather. Breathable fabric that is sweat absorbing. The gloves are thin, lightweight, breathable while remaining durable. Ideal for warm weather hunts during turkey, deer, and big game seasons.
  • Tech Touch print on thumbs & fingers allow you to use touch screen devices without taking your gloves off
  • Convertible trigger finger & thumb for better feel & control
  • Form fit allows for increased mobility
  • In & out of the woods, UA Men's camouflage liner gloves ensure extreme breathability & warmth
  • UA Storm technology repels water without sacrificing breathability
  • SCENTLOK HUNTING GEAR: ScentLok has used scientific principles to innovate tough outdoor gear with scent-controlling technology since 1992. We strive to be the leading worldwide designer, marketer, and distributor of performance, hunting, and casual odor-controlling apparel, equipment, and accessories. You can trust our gear to stay strong during any season or pursuit.
  • SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY: Cutting-edge technology and ease of use combine to create superior lightweight gloves ideal for the experienced hunter or those new to the sport. Each glove has a carbon-alloy layer of activated carbon, treated carbon, and zeolite to control and block scent before it scares away prey. We have also included touch tech fingertips for use with your smartphone and other touch screen devices.
  • SCENT CONTROL: Our ScentLok Carbon Alloy technology combines treated and activated carbon with zeolite to absorb odors your body generates. The massive surface area of these natural particles pulls odors in and doesn’t let them out until you reactivate your gear in the dryer. The ultimate advantage in whitetail deer hunting is using scent control gloves.
  • ADAPTABLE FOR YOUR ENVIRONMENT: Our hunting clothes and accessories are durable in the outdoors but comfortable enough for the long chase. These cool-weather gloves use a moisture wicking treatment to wick sweat and keep you cool. They also feature adjustable stretch fit cuffs to keep these outdoor gloves securely on your hands when the hunting gets good.
  • DURABLE & COMFORTABLE: Made with a smooth, durable, premium polyester interlock fabric, these gloves are deadly quiet and have premier scent-blocking abilities. The silicone printed palms help with your grip when it's time to take your shot. Wear these gloves to complete your hunting suit system and get that advantage you need while out in the field.
  • PATENTED BOW RELEASE COLLAR: Our patented technology lets you use your favorite bow release next to their skin while keeping your hands dry and warm.
  • DESIGNED FOR HUNTING: To us, gloves are equipment, not accessories. We’ve spent over 30 years designing and selling best-in-class gloves using top materials. Our gloves offer the perfect balance of warmth, mobility, comfort, and durability.
  • SCENT CONTROL: This coating makes the gloves fresher and keeps your hands cleaner between washings.
  • REALTREE XTRA CAMO: Match your favorite hunting gear with popular camouflaged prints like the Realtree Xtra. Manzella gloves made with the hunter in mind. Complete a head to toe camouflaged look.
  • STRETCH FLEECE SHELL: Featuring a soft shell with 4-way stretch for a snug and secure fit. These gloves help warm your hands during the cold early morning hunting. This fleece shell helps protect against wind and provides durability.
  • BUILT FOR HUNTERS: With thin construction, these gloves are perfect for shooting. No need to expose your hands or waste time removing gloves to get a shot off. The Realtree Edge camouflage pattern will keep you concealed up close and from afar.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE: The single-seam design is built with your comfort in mind. The gloves will conform and fit your hands better. They are lightweight, breathable and will take the edge off those cooler days; they can also be used as liners!
  • HOT SHOT: Our mission is simple - engineer authentic hunting gear. Our experience guides our provision of dependable quality and innovative design. We offer an extensive assortment, assisting any hunter to brave the elements and get his game.
  • MATERIAL: These men’s hunting gloves are 100% polyester with keyhole thumb construction for enhanced articulation. The exterior is covered with technology that helps wick away moisture.
  • TOUCHSCREEN COMPATIBLE: Built with Pro-Text Technology, you can stay connected in the elements without exposing your skin. Perfect for accessing your GPS while navigating or using your phone and camera to capture those epic moments.
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What to Look Through Prior to Selecting the best bow hunting gloves?

You may be aware that purchasing something is not actually an easy action. Your everyday life will be affected if you choose the most fantastic product. What variables, though, will make this acquisition successful? Whether you're seeking for best bow hunting gloves to meet your needs, you'll be wasting your own time.

Nevertheless, it would be preferable if you weren't so worried. We've enlisted the help of a team of professionals to investigate best bow hunting gloves, and we've provided accurate data.

There seem to be several important considerations to make. But only a few of them are really concentrated. Here are some crucial reviews while purchasing best bow hunting gloves:


It is the materials that determine how the glove will be used in a particular situation.
It's most likely designed for waterproofing or extreme cold if it has Gore-Tex. It's most likely made from wool for the first season. It might be an upland glove if it is made from leather. This is the main point.
We made certain that every glove in this collection was constructed with high-quality materials, which are most suitable for the type of hunting they will be participating in.


Although waterproofing can be great, if your raincoat doesn't breath, then you will know just how uncomfortable it is. Your hands can also be affected by the same.
It is vital to consider the airflow of your glove. Uncomfortable hunters can make poor shots by sweaty or clammy hands.


Warmth is the most important feature of gloves when you are in the middle and late season. Your performance is affected if your hands aren't kept warm.
You'll need to choose a lightweight and breathable pair if it is warm out, to avoid overheating your hands.
This list contains products that provide warmth for all hunting conditions, including bone-chilling to sweltering.


You can't hunt an elk if you don't have fingers.
We consider the weight and movement capabilities of these products and whether they will limit your freedom to use your hands and fingers for shooting.

Comfort & Fit

It won't be a good idea to wear gloves that aren't comfortable or fit properly. Before making recommendations, we thoroughly considered each glove, mitten and muff. They should be comfortable so you will want them to stay on your body.
Moreover, many manufacturers offer detailed fitting instructions so that you can measure yourself at home to find the perfect size.

Waterproofing/ Windproofing

Your hands will stay dry and warm by keeping the water out. For any waterfowl hunting or wet weather hunting, it is essential to have waterproofing.
Wet or cold hands can ruin a hunt so we included gloves to keep your hands dry and comfortable.

Your warmth is at risk if your glove cannot stop wind blowing. The cold wind can cause severe discomfort and even make your hand numb.
GORE-TEX is a material that blocks wind and keeps heat warm during cold, gusty hunting conditions.


Are Insulated Gloves Good For Winter Hunting?

Insulated gloves can provide warmth when the weather is cold. The glove is comfortable enough for routine tasks such as hunting. It is not ideal in hot conditions.

What Are The Best Hunting Gloves For Cold Weather?

Insulated hunting gloves are the best for winter weather. They provide warmth, comfort and protection. For winter gloves, wool is an excellent material for insulation.

How Do You Choose The Right Material For Hunting Gloves?

The purpose of your hunting gloves will determine the right material. Leather is the best choice for tough gloves. A nylon glove that has a waterproof membrane and a breathable is the best for wet weather comfort.

What Is The Best Shooting Gloves Type For Hunting?

A half-finger or fingerless glove is best for hunting. It allows you to pull the trigger more easily. If it is freezing, thin gloves with high dexterity can be used.

How Do You Choose The Right Size Of Hunting Gloves?

Hunting gloves need to be comfortable but not too tight. You won't feel comfortable moving around if the glove is too snug. Because your body has to heat the air around your fingertips, gloves that are too large won't keep your hands warm. Your hands will heat the glove faster than it can lose heat. There should be a small air space between your finger's end and the glove's inside.
Measure your hands by placing your dominant hand on your palm and wrapping a tape measure around it below your knuckles. If you do not have a soft-tape measure, measure with a string. This measurement is in inches. If necessary, round up. If you are planning to use a liner glove to increase warmth, allow for some more room.

Are Gore-Tex Lining Gloves Completely Waterproof?

Goretex lining prevents water from entering the glove. They are waterproof and windproof, as well as being breathable.

The figures we've presented here aren't all of them. Alternatively, we continuously update it as new information becomes available. It's advisable to keep in mind the points we discussed related to buying guide.

We always appreciate your feedback and handle it with the utmost importance. As a result, the most up-to-date data will come to your mind as soon as possible. You are supposed to contact us and give us your reviews as well as problems so that we will try to support you. Hope you have a pleasant shopping experience!

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