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SABRE Frontiersman 7.9 oz. Bear Spray, Maximum Strength 2.0% Major Capsaicinoids
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Grizzly bears are North America’s largest land carnivore and apex predator, weighing as much as about 350 lbs. They play an important role in the ecosystem by preying on smaller animals such as deer, elk and other mammals. These predators have become much more accustomed to people in recent years, often foraging close to human activity and even attracted by food sources such as garbage and pet foods.

As a result of this increased presence, encounters between people and grizzlies has increased significantly over the past few decades, leading to several incidents of bear-caused damage and property loss every year. It is therefore important to learn what kind of precautions you should take while living in an area that is home to these powerful creatures. If you live in a bear habitat or frequent areas where there is a good chance that you may come across bears during your daily activities, it makes sense to get yourself some grizzly bear spray so that you can protect yourself from any uninvited attention from these big bruins if they happen to see you.

We think SABRE Frontiersman 7.9 oz. Bear Spray, Maximum Strength 2.0% Major Capsaicinoids is the best of the best among the top models. If you were dissatisfied with the preceding item, you have the option of selecting Griz Guard Bear Spray & Griz Guard Holster - Strongest Formula Allowed by EPA (7.9 oz) as an alternative. You may relax knowing that its quality is also good per what we researched.

Our Top Picks

  • MAXIMUM STOPPING POWER: Strongest formula allowed by law (EPA Requires range of 1.0-2.0% Major Capsaicinoids), Frontiersman bear spray, made with 2.0% Major Capsaicinoids, is backed by our industry exclusive in-house HPLC lab, guaranteeing maximum strength in each canister
  • SPRAYS UP TO 50% FURTHER: With a 30-foot (9-meter) spray range reaching up to 10-feet further than the competition, Frontiersman Bear Spray gives you more time to react to a bear charging up to 35 mph & provide safer protection with a greater protective barrier per burst (up to 58% more than competitors)
  • RIGOROUSLY TESTED TO MAXIMIZE YOUR SAFETY: E.P.A. and Health Canada approved, our environmentally friendly bear spray is field-tested and proven effective against all types of bears by the Elmendorf Air Force Base and Brown Bear Resources
  • Non-retail waste reduction packaging. No Clamshell.
  • Rapidly Deploys Heavy Fog With 30 Foot Range.
  • The Most Accessible and Functional Griz Guard Bear Spray Holster.
  • Package Includes (2) Griz Guard Bear Deterrent 7.9 oz. and (2) Griz Guard Holsters.
  • 7.9oz-225g Bear Pepper Spray w/ GrizGuard Holster 2PACK
  • UDAP Industries, Inc. manufactures the world's hottest self-defense pepper spray
  • Only bear spray to meet EPA SNAP rule of the Clean Air Act
  • 8. 1 oz. bear spray with 7 seconds of spray time
  • 32-foot spray distance
  • PERSONAL PROTECTION YOU CAN TRUST: SABRE is the #1 pepper spray brand trusted by police & consumers & a leader in the personal safety category. SABRE Defense Spray is made in the USA​
  • MAXIMUM STOPPING POWER: SABRE's professional-grade OC Spray is backed by our in-house lab testing, guaranteeing maximum heat and stopping power in every burst and eliminating the 30% failure rate of other pepper spray brands (U of Utah study)​
  • ADVANCED 3-IN-1 FORMULA: Powerful Defense Spray formulation contains SABRE’s maximum strength pepper spray, as well as CS military tear gas, which heightens the burn of pepper spray, and UV marking dye for suspect identification
  • FASTER & EASIER TO HIT THE TARGET: Easiest to grasp finger grip enhances your aim and helps keep your eye on the threat; Includes Quick Release Key Ring for immediate access to spray when seconds count; Secure and easy to use twist lock safety
  • TRUST THE PROFESSIONALS: SABRE is the #1 Pepper Spray brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide, including New York PD, Chicago PD, and U.S. Marshals; Made in the USA
  • 2X STRONGER: 4 out 10 violent crimes involve alcohol use by the offender - our maximum strength Pepper Spray is strong enough to use against a goal oriented attacker under the influence of drugs or alcohol; Backed by our industry exclusive in-house HPLC lab, guaranteeing maximum strength in each canister
  • 9.2oz-260g Magnum Bear Spray w/ Plastic GrizGuard Holster (fog)
  • UDAP Industries, Inc. manufactures the world's hottest self-defense pepper spray
  • Most Powerful Bear Spray Fog!
  • Hottest Bear Spray Formula at 2% CRC
  • Most trusted bear spray product Developed by a bear attack survivor.
  • This product ships with a free bear safety tip booklet and glow in the dark safety clip.
  • 30 foot spray range
  • Developed by a bear attack survivor

Our buying guide to pick Best grizzly bear spray for you need

Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the variety of choices when it comes to purchasing Best grizzly bear spray? Visitors didn't even know if a better option was available. We have a few suggestions which will make things easier and thus save you time and effort.

Review them out below to see whether the item you're looking for is right for you!

Safety And Ease Of Use

Some canisters do not have the same spray or safety features. You may be exposed to danger if you don't have a safety lock. Always purchase a bear spray that has a safety lock.
You will also be amazed at how simple it is to spray, lock, and aim. If a bear approaches you, you don't want to accidentally spray yourself.
In the backcountry, safety should be your number one priority. Don't forget to take your first safety gear with you when stocking up.

Shelf Life

Bear spray is something you want to never use so it's likely it'll sit on your shelf. Before you go out in the field with your bear spray, make sure it is still functional. This will affect the overall value.


Depending on what you do, how much bear spray you need will determine your ability to carry. It is important to consider how easily it can be found in case of emergency. It should not be in your bag.
Bear spray should be carried in some type of holster. This will allow you to reach for it easily when necessary. It can be attached to your belt, hip strap or shoulder strap. Spray can be accessed without removing your backpack.
The spray can be carried in a holster so you are able to grab it quickly and keep the spray out of your backpack.

Range Of Spray

When shopping for bear spray, one of the most crucial aspects is its range. Some sprays can reach only 12 feet. This distance is not comfortable, but it can provide an acceptable range. To increase the chances of stopping a bear dead in its tracks, aim for a greater range.
Bear sprays should be between 30-40 feet away. The further you are, the better. It should be clear whether the spray is coming from a stream, a lake or both. A narrowly targeted stream will not work unless you can aim well. The perfect aim in these circumstances is difficult to find. Therefore, seek out distances that are reasonable and have a shotgun blast pattern.
The spray speed and distance can also impact the effectiveness of the spray. Sprays can reach speeds up to 70 miles per hour, but others spray at a slower speed. While a spray can travel at a faster speed, it is better to find a balance. This way you can aim your stream more precisely and don't run the risk of sending too many in the wrong direction.


Capsaicin is listed in most bear sprays as a concentration between 1 to 2 percent. For maximum effectiveness, bear sprays should contain no more than 2 percent.

Weight And Size

A spray you are able to keep close by is a must. Bear sprays come in large cans so be sure to have the right size pouch or holster. Another important factor to consider is weight. Although most dogs weigh under a pound and can be carried for longer distances, you should still consider this when packing your backpack.


Does Bear Spray Work?

Bear spray is effective and can be used to deter bears. The Journal of Wildlife Management published a 20-year study that concluded bear spray was at least 90% effective in keeping bears from engaging in undesirable behaviors. Bear spray is more efficient and safer than guns to deter bear behavior, according to other sources.

When Should Someone Use Bear Spray?

First, practice bear avoidance. Bear avoidance is key to avoiding bear attacks. A bear attack is not worth taking a picture of. Bear in mind that bears don't usually attack humans and unprovoked sprays can cause more problems than they were. If a bear acts aggressively towards your property, you should not use bear spray.

How Do You Use Bear Spray?

We recommend that you follow the manufacturer's instructions as with all outdoor products. Although the instructions for using the bear spray will vary from one brand to another, there are general guidelines you can use.
Bear spray canisters should be held in your hands with both of your hands. You can hold the canister in one hand and use the other to trigger the spray. The nozzle should be pointed towards you, not away. Before spraying, the bear must be at least 30ft (10mi) from you. Bear spray is currently only allowed to be applied within 40 feet of the bear.
Due to the slight recoil of canisters, it is easier to spray downwards. Canisters should be emptied in a circular motion in the direction that the bear is facing. You will create a bigger cloud between the bear and you.

How Do You Carry Bear Spray On A Hike?

Bear spray should always be easily accessible. A lot of bear spray holders allow you to attach it to your backpack, or anywhere else on your body. To help you develop muscle memory, practice accessing it fast.

Is Bear Spray Required?

Bear spray is a must-have for anyone who plans to hike or camp in bear country. Bear spray is not allowed in every park. There are regulations that bear spray must follow. Bear spraying is not allowed in bear country. Check local regulations.

What’s The Difference Between Bear Mace Vs. Pepper Spray?

Bear mace is different from standard pepper spray in that it has different pressure, volume and spray range. Bear mace can spray up to 40ft and is more pressured. To accommodate this spray range, the spray volume in the canisters is larger than that of pepper spray. Pepper spray and bear mace both contain the active ingredient, oleoresin capicum (OC), at differing volumes. Both can lead to temporary blindness and nausea.


The website has a buying guide for Best grizzly bear spray for your needs. It will assist you in determining what to purchase and how much was to purchase! If the above options do not meet your needs, consider Zarc Vexor Police Strength Pepper Spray, Flip-Top Finger Grip, 20+ Shots as an alternative.

Whether any of this makes it sound daunting or if you want more information, please give us a call, our members of the team are always happy to chat and brainstorm ideas with you!

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