The Best Rated Metal Detector For 2023

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Best Rated Metal Detector
Best Rated Metal Detector

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Targets as tiny as a quarter may be located up to a depth of six inches with this Bounty Hunter TK4 Metal Detector, while more oversized objects can be located up to a depth of two feet. Even aluminum and brass can be discovered here. Read Review

2. Best For Price: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector

Get ready to explore the great outdoors with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector. Featuring high-quality performance and simple operation, this detector features a highly portable telescoping design with a 10" waterproof detection coil. Read Review

3. Best Adjustable: DR.ÖTEK Metal Detector

This advanced metal detector accurately and precisely detect buried metals up to 16 inches below the surface. With its innovative Memory Mode, you can easily see only one specific metal type you want and locate exactly what you need in less time. Read Review

4. Best Modern: Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector

The Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector is designed for the modern treasure hunter. With a submersible search coil and three bonus accessories, you'll be able to detect coins, jewelry, relics, and more. Read Review

5. Best Reliable: SUNPOW Metal Detector

This metal detector is designed to locate various metals and the objects made of them, including iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, and silver. With its ALL METAL Mode, you can find hidden objects buried beneath the surface. Get ready for an exciting adventure! Read Review

When exploring abandoned properties or hunting for coins, iron, or relics, you'll likely come across a lot of debris in the soil. That's why it's always a good idea to have a metal detector. You never know where the next treasure will be found.

Finding metal objects can also be helpful if you need to test the soil that might hold water pipes or gas lines. And, of course, if you own a yard or garden and want to find old coins so they don't end up in the grass. That said, not every metal detector is created equal, so how do you decide which is best for your needs? We've put together this article with all the information you need about investing in a metal detector.

After extensive study and analysis over a 18 hours, We think the best rated metal detector is Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector. This device can operate utilizing either the electricity provided by an AC power supply or the electricity provided by batteries as its power source. You can consider NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector as an alternative if you're still undecided. Other suggestions on this list are worth considering, and we've put up a helpful shopping guide to help you decide!

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector
Our Score:
Bounty Hunter

The TK4 has 8,000 distinct search modes, including frequency sweep and discriminating ways for you to choose from. There is also the possibility of discovering metals such as gold, silver, brass, aluminum, iron, and steel. This device can operate utilizing either the electricity provided by an AC power supply or the electricity provided by batteries as its source of power. The entirely submersible 8-inch search coil can be used for various metal-detecting tasks, including those that take place in water that is only moderately deep.

This particular metal detector is the one that the vast majority of treasure hunters decide to use since it is known for its discrimination circuitry and has simple technology. To switch between the Discrimination, All-Metal, and Tone modes, you need to flick the mode toggle in any direction. This will result in a smooth transition between the three methods. On the other hand, it does not come with a strap that you may place over your arm while holding the detector, which makes it a little bit challenging to utilize.

TOP Choice #2 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector
Our Score:

This professional metal detector is intuitive and offers many tuning options. Although it is simple enough for children, it is constructed with cutting-edge technology and robust searching capabilities that professionals need. You'll find treasure wherever you go, whether you take it to the beach, the park, or a stroll. Because of its telescoping form, this detector is highly portable, making it unlikely that you will ever want to leave it at home.

This high-quality metal detector is designed for easy operation and maximum performance. The telescoping design makes it highly portable, while the 10" waterproof detection coil allows you to search in even the most extreme conditions. With its advanced discrimination modes, this metal detector will quickly reveal coins, jewelry, relics, and more. Although it sometimes is not very accurate, it is an excellent present for a boy or a girl, and it will bring enjoyment for many years to come!

TOP Choice #3 DR.ÖTEK Metal Detector
Our Score:

This metal detector is unaffected by the presence of water and can identify larger objects at greater depths. The coil, which has a water resistance certification of IP68, can perform to its full capacity even when submerged in only moderately deep water. The only problem with this device is that it comes with a huge LCD, which means the battery can run out quickly if you use it for an extended period.

Because the length can be adjusted from 42.7 inches to 53.5 inches, it is suitable for children and adults of varying heights. You have better control over how the device responds to varying interference conditions due to the 5-level sensitivity adjustment available to you, which enables you to recognize the target more quickly. When you use a metal detector, you will be able to find more intriguing precious metals and antique artifacts in significantly less time than you would if you did not use one.

4 Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector
Our Score:

The Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector is a versatile detector that can find anything, including coins, artifacts, and gold, even in conditions with a high concentration of iron, such as locations with shallow water. In addition to that, it has a digital target ID that can determine the conductivity of the object being scanned and then shows that information on the screen using a scale that goes from 0 to 99.

The higher the conductivity, the more likely the object in question is gold, whereas a lower figure is more likely to indicate minor jewelry, iron, or steel. You will also receive a set of headphones, a weather cover, and a coil cover in addition to the metal detector itself, along with other features that are considered standard. However, it will be somewhat difficult to operate, so beginners may need additional time to become familiar with the controls.

5 SUNPOW Metal Detector
Our Score:

This detector has an adjustable stem ranging from 47.3 inches to 55.2 inches, making it suitable for gold detector enthusiasts of varying heights. Your time spent hunting will be more pleasant due to its ergonomic design, which features an armrest that can be adjusted and a handle designed to prevent slipping. The only downside is that it is a bit heavier than other models. Aside from that, it also comes with a backpack, allowing you to easily pack and transport it to any of your preferred locations for treasure-seeking.

Because the amount of micro metals present in each environment is unique, the detection technique is prone to producing errors of varying degrees. This professional metal detector comes equipped with a ground balance adjustment function that may be used in ALL-METAL mode. This function allows the sensor to be calibrated to eliminate interference in various contexts. Upgraded DSP chips improve the search range and sensitivity of metal detectors. 

6 Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector
Our Score:
Fisher Labs

This metal detector is waterproof, allowing it to be used in extreme situations and climates. It can successfully locate the treasure in any weather. A metal detector designed for adults, yet with controls so simple that even a child could use it. The metal detector's discrimination, sensitivity, notch, and pinpoint functions make it a breeze to unearth buried valuables even in the most inaccessible places.

This subterranean detector can tell the difference between precious targets and undesired metals. Identify hidden targets in a flash using a combination of Target Categories and a numeric Target-ID ranging from 0 to 99, complemented by a 4-Tone Audio-ID System. This well-balanced and water-resistant metal detector weighs about 2 pounds and features a padded hand grip and arm cup to make treasure-seeking as comfortable as possible. When it comes time to use it, the end can be submerged in water; however, the control box is not waterproof, so it is essential to stay dry.

7 Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector
Our Score:

The avid treasure hunter should consider this detector an investment in their hobby. It has four different search modes, and each of those search modes may save two other customized search profiles. This enables the device to instantly identify your specific search preferences for things like sensitivity, target depth, and volume. Because it is entirely waterproof, it is an excellent option for use at the beach and on underwater excursions. In addition, Equinox can identify a wide variety of metals, including gold nuggets.

The EQUINOX 800 allows for infinite exploration while maintaining a lightweight operation thanks to its inclusion of Multi-IQ Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Technology, premium Bluetooth headphones, and eight user-defined search profiles. The precise target identification allows you to swiftly and reliably identify your targets, which enables you to sift between garbage and treasure efficiently. Nevertheless, it is a bit more pricey than other models, but it comes with high quality and is well worth the price.

More To Consider

8 Garrett Metal Detectors
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What to Look For in a best rated metal detector?

Is it necessary for you to purchase best rated metal detector in 2023 from Amazon within the next few hours? Perhaps you've just learned about something which can benefit friends or family members but aren't sure where to turn or who to trust.

So, we're here to help. Our new article will show you how to purchase the best item for your necessities quickly so that it arrives on time and as expected. It's that easy!


Many metal detectors spend hours in the field or on the beaches. A lightweight model is a good choice as it allows you to move around the equipment more easily. A lightweight model is especially appreciated by children and people with shoulder or back problems. Metal detectors with higher end features tend to be heavier than those that are lower-end. Entry-level models, however, can be carried easily and weigh less. A metal detector less than five pounds will provide the best searching experience. You might also consider models that allow for height adjustment. This makes it easier to use by both tall and short users.


Metal detectors can be outdoors so it is important to have weatherproofing. Many models can be used at the beach or in rainy conditions without worrying about damage. However, some models can even be submerged. Some models can even be used to explore the depths of the ocean while scuba diving. The majority of waterproof models are simple waterproof coils that allow users to look in shallow waters. To avoid any damage to the metal detector, make sure you verify all manufacturer specifications.

Ground Balance

A metal detector can be set off by trace amounts of earth metals. This is a problem that many people have to deal with. To avoid false readings, metal detectors equipped with ground balance features ignore natural metals. Metal detectors can perform ground balance in many ways. The automatic ground balance features don't need user intervention. Manual ground balancing requires user input. Entry-level metal detectors typically offer automatic ground balance for maximum ease of use.

Operating Frequency

The frequency of the metal detector's signal to the receiver is a key factor. It is easier to locate objects deep beneath the earth if the frequency is lower. For smaller objects closer to the surface, high frequency metal detectors can be used. The majority of beginner metal detectors can be used for any purpose and have a low-to-medium frequency. Higher frequencies can be used to search for gold.

Discrimination Features And Search Modes

Target identification is a key component of metal detectors that are more sophisticated. Advanced metal detectors not only notify the user when a metallic object is found, but they also identify what kind of object it was. Some models let you set search settings to find coins, relics and jewelry. You may be able to see or hear the device indicate what type of object was found. An auditory system is used by some people. It makes louder and more high-pitched sounds when valuable objects are found, while making a lower-pitched, quieter sound for low-value objects. Advanced models display an image that indicates the type of object detected. You can also choose from different search modes depending on the terrain. This allows you to determine whether you're in a field or a park.

Depth Detection

You might be surprised at the exciting discoveries made by detectors that dig deeper than normal. However, detectors that can detect deeper depths often have higher prices. Remember that depth detection is affected by variables such as soil composition and the size of an object buried.


What are the different types of rated metal detectors?

Rated metal detectors come in a variety of types, including hand-held, walk-through, and drone detectors. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to choose the right type of detector for the job.

What should I consider when buying a rated metal detector?

When buying a rated metal detector, you should consider the type of metal objects you are trying to detect, the environment you are using it in, and the level of accuracy and sensitivity you require. Additionally, you should also consider the size and weight of the detector, as well as any additional features or accessories you might need.

How do rated metal detectors work?

Rated metal detectors use an electromagnetic field to detect the presence of metal objects in a given area. The detector produces an alternating current in the search coil, which generates a magnetic field that can detect metal objects. When a metal object is detected, the detector will beep or buzz and a visual indication will be given to the user.

What are the benefits of using a rated metal detector?

Rated metal detectors offer a number of benefits, including increased accuracy and sensitivity, as well as improved safety. They can also be used to detect metal objects that may be hidden or buried, making them ideal for both commercial and industrial applications. Furthermore, rated metal detectors are designed to be reliable and durable, ensuring that they can be used for a long period of time.


Its features, not its name, are what define best rated metal detector in 2023. This may seem self-evident, but it's easy to become fixated on a specific company or brand due to its reputation. We strongly advise you to consider your needs and determine which products will assist you in meeting them. With our options above, if you can't choose any suitable one, let's check Minelab Equinox 800 Multi-IQ Underwater Waterproof Metal Detector. Wish you a nice shopping day!

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