The Best Rifle Safes For 2023

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BBRKIN Biometric Rifle Gun Safe
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1. Best Overall: BBRKIN Large Rifle Safe

This strongbox has a sturdy construction and a high level of strength. Moreover, sophisticated technology keeps children and other individuals from accessing the contents. Read Review

2. Best For Price: BBRKIN Biometric Rifle Gun Safe

This gun safe has advanced biometric technology that not only preserves all one hundred fingerprints but also deters theft and prevents children from obtaining access to weapons. Read Review

3. Best Quality: Langger V Biometric Rifle Gun Safe

This secure gun safe is designed to store up to 5 rifles and some handguns, giving you peace of mind that your firearms are stored securely. The biometric access system will give you quick firearm access during emergencies. Read Review

4. Best Structure: RPNB Rifle Safe

The gun safe is more extensive and profound than similar ones and can be placed anywhere. It can store up to five rifles with or without scopes up to 49 inches long. Read Review

5. Best Secure: KAER Gun Safes Rifle

This product comes with a shelf that can be removed from the top of the gun cabinet and a pistol rack with space for four handguns. Since the pistol rack is detachable, you can use the space on top to keep your other valuables if you don't need to carry a gun rack. Read Review

Are you looking for a safe way to store your rifle? A rifle safe is an essential purchase for anyone who owns a firearm. Not only does it help prevent unauthorized access, but it also protects from theft, fire, and other damage. Not all rifle safes are created equal, however.

The best rifle safes are built with quality materials and offer the highest level of security. They come in various sizes, styles, and price points, so you can find the perfect rifle safe to meet your needs. From small safes designed for limited storage to more extensive, luxury models that provide additional features, there’s a rifle safe for everyone. Read on to learn more about the best rifle safes on the market.

We think the best rifle safes of 2023 is BBRKIN Large Rifle Safe, which comes with a tock box on the interior, which may be used to store valuables such as small firearms and other items in your home or business. However, to provide the reader with a wider variety of alternatives abroad, we recommend adding the BBRKIN Biometric Rifle Gun Safe if you are interested in purchasing another appealing one. Here are the buying guides that we specially made for you guys. Follow all the words below for successful shopping!

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 BBRKIN Large Rifle Safe
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This more extensive and profound safe may hold up to 5 or 6 rifles or shotguns with or without scopes up to 50 inches long. It also comes with a second lock box on the interior, which may be used to store valuables such as small firearms and other items in your home or business. The rear of the unit features three pre-punched mounting holes, and the bottom features two. These holes enable easy attachment to the floor or wall (or both) using the included bolts so that you can freely attach them wherever you like.

The dependable locking mechanism you can lock it away using the electronic keypad by coming up with your PIN code, or you can lock it away using the backup key. If the PIN code is entered incorrectly three times, the safe will beep, and the door will be closed. You also have the option to turn off the sound. When you wish to utilize the safe without disturbing others or have an introducer at night, this is a crucial function.

It does not have an interior light, so the visibility on the inside is very limited; however, you can add a stick-on light as a puck to improve the situation once the safe has been opened. This will make it simpler to locate items.

TOP Choice #2 BBRKIN Biometric Rifle Gun Safe
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This secure container has a high strength and a sturdy structure, making it resistant to being tampered with and difficult to open using force. You can manually lock it with the spare key or use the electronic keypad to generate your passcode to prevent it from being accessed. You also have the option to silence everything by turning off the sound. The safe can be opened in an emergency using a guaranteed biometric scan that takes only two minutes and five seconds to unlock.

This product prevents anyone of any age, particularly children, from entering. Even if the batteries are removed, the fingerprints will remain in the device's memory. The gun security cabinet has five pre-punched mounting holes in the back and bottom, allowing for simple attachment to the floor or wall (or both) with the included bolts. These holes are pre-punched, so you can freely attach them wherever you want. Nonetheless, the emergency key can become jammed in the lock, rendering the safe inoperable, so you must use it with extreme caution whenever you use it.

TOP Choice #3 Langger V Biometric Rifle Gun Safe
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The Biometric Rifle Safe can store up to five rifles and some pistols, and it is designed for quick access to firearms in an emergency. It can save up to 100 fingerprints, giving you peace of mind that your guns are safe. This feature helps prevent unwanted guests or children from gaining access to your firearms. The only disadvantage is that the door may make a very slight rattling sound; however, this problem is easily remedied by attaching self-adhesive silicone bumpers to the four corners of the door frame.

The Biometric Rifle Safe offers three ways to secure firearms and gain access. The safe has two emergency keys for easy access, in addition to a biometric system that requires only one touch and a keypad that can be configured with up to nine digits. The mounting holes pre-drilled in the cabinet's back and bottom make it simple to attach the gun security cabinet to the floor, the wall, or both using the included bolts. As a result, you can connect it wherever you want; for example, it can be hidden in a closet or elsewhere.

4 RPNB Rifle Safe
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The RPNB pistol safe is a product of careful craftsmanship that uses a robust 16-GAUGE carbon steel structure. This guarantees that the safe will maintain its strength and utility for many years. In addition, it has a black rocky finish that protects against corrosion and provides a long-lasting, professional appearance; this makes it simple to fit into any interior space. To provide the highest level of protection against break-ins, safes come equipped with features such as five live-door bolts and a pry-proof steel body that is completely welded.

Additionally, it comes with a separate Ammo Cabinet that may be used on the interior to keep bullets, handguns, money, and other valuables in your home or business. Lock it away with the electronic keypad by making your own 3-8 digit code, or lock it away with the backup keys. If three wrong entries are made, the safe will time out and go to sleep for twenty seconds before lighting the warning light and sounding an alarm. The only issue is it is a bit difficult to move due to its size and weight, however, it is not a big deal.

5 KAER Gun Safes Rifle
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The gun safe calls for four AAA batteries, and the control panel has an under-voltage alarm function. If the safe is unlocked by entering the digital code, a red light will illuminate, indicating that the battery voltage is low and that new batteries will need to be installed. On the door are two ammunition boxes, which can be used to store ammunition for pistols and rifles respectively. Its LED lights have been improved, so it has a more comprehensive illuminating range when it's dark.

If the password is entered incorrectly three times in a row, the device will go into alert mode, and the alarm will continue for half a minute. The digital panel inside the gun safe has been updated and now features an external battery box design. Improves the ability to respond to situations and makes the gun cabinet more aesthetically pleasing. A hidden keyhole design is achieved by placing the battery above the keyhole so that it is hidden from view. However, you will need to use a strong force to lock it when using the key, so it's a bit inconvenient

6 Bonnlo Biometric Gun Safe
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Bonnlo biometric safes are the way to go when you need quick access to your belongings while keeping them secure. If you have a biometric fingerprint safe, you will no longer need to carry a key or remember a combination. You will have instant access to everything you could need. The fingerprint rifle gun safe includes a detachable LED sensor light for easy visibility in the dark, and this is an added convenience for your benefit.

This safe has a biometric system that can be activated with a single touch, a 9-digit PIN that can be programmed, and two emergency keys for easy access. If the batteries in the safe fail, keep the spare keys outside. The biometric gun safe's pry-resistant high-quality steel construction contributes to the safe's long-term dependability and durability. Although the biometric reader rarely works on the first try, it works consistently on the second, so it's not a big deal unless you're in a hurry.

7 Bafuska Larger and Deeper Rifle Safe
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Bafuska gun safes are crafted from highly thick steel to provide dependable and long-lasting protection. In addition, for further peace of mind, the skid steel body has been seamlessly welded together, and it has four solid live lock bolts that measure one inch each. This product stops anybody from getting in from the outside and trying to pry it open. In addition, it features a set of gun racks that can be removed easily.

The walls of the safe are made entirely of steel, and their inner edges have been designed to prevent tampering. Together, these features make it secure, robust, and long-lasting, ensuring its protection will last wall-to-wall. Its four built-in steel bolts work together to form a 4-point locking mechanism that protects your valuables from prying and locking criminals and keeps your children from accessing them.

Nonetheless, before establishing the password, you will need to get four AA batteries ready and place them into the black battery case on the back of the door panel. This will allow the keyboard to function correctly.

More To Consider

8 Barska Keypad Rifle Safe
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9 JINS&VICO Rifle Gun Safe
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Which Criteria Do Our Experts Advice To Consider When Purchasing Of best rifle safes?

According to our experts, you should understand some sides of the product to get the finest one. Like others, best rifle safes of 2023 might include many factors for you to take into account. For that, each among best rifle safes will have unique features and challenges as well to consist of.

The focus on the following features of best rifle safes is highly recommended, given they have come together with tech-evaluated certification:

Quick Access

It is important to check if the safe can be accessed quickly during an emergency. Quick access safes are the best because they can be opened quickly in an emergency. You can get fast access gun safes for a reasonable price.
These gun safes are usually locked and can only be opened by the owner using biometric scanners. One example is the Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe. This safe prioritizes speedy access.


Even gun safes that have the exact same contents can be very different. A heavier gun safe is better because burglars will find it difficult to transport and break into. A heavier safe is more resistant to theft.
Lighter gun safes are great options if you have to carry your safe around.

Type Of Lock

Safes can now be opened digitally using voice activation, fingerprint authentication, password and password. It is easier for both experienced and older burglars to open safes digitally. The mechanical locks are durable and never go out of style. These locks last for many years and require very little maintenance. They are also more precise, which makes them less susceptible to electronic issues.

The UL recommends that you choose a lock with UL certification. Most often, it's the mechanical locks. Today's electronic safes have 90% more problems than their intended purpose. This does not necessarily mean digital locks are not reliable. You just have to select one of the Type 1 models from the UL. These locks are durable if they are well maintained. These locks can be costly but they will protect you from many of the risks associated wither locks. Digital locks will leave fingerprints after several weeks. Therefore, it is important to always change your passkey.


A gun safe made of steel is a good choice if there are few burglaries in your area. The safe has a half-inch plate steel door, and a quarter inch steel wall. A B-rate safe is easy to break into with basic tools.
Gun safes can also be made from concrete, which is used to support the cabinet's wall. Although it can be difficult to determine the steel thickness and durability of each safe, one rule holds true: a safer safe will not easily be broken or cut into.
Gun owners often buy gun safes with shiny exteriors without considering the materials they are made of.

Fire Resistance

A gun safe that is safe and secure should be rated at 350F during an hour of fire cladding. This rating is recommended by the UL. Because accidental fires could occur in homes and vehicles, it is essential that your safe passes the UL test.
Gun safes on the market are made of ceramic sheetrock and wool blanketing. This protects it from excessive heat or fire. Keep in mind that cartridges and shells can catch fire when they are burned. The UL doesn't rate an entire safe. It only rates the materials used if they are fireproof.

Wall Thickness

The thickness of gun safe walls varies. Your gun will be easily accessible if you drill on thin safe walls. Thieves know the thickness of the doors, so they drill through them. If they are lucky enough, the gun could fall in the wrong hands.
For a gun safe, a 10-gauge sheet is best. If you're really serious about security, you could get a 16 gauge one. To provide additional support, a safe should have an additional layer of concrete or armor shield. To ensure that your safe can withstand any force from burglary, fire or other natural disasters, you should add an extra layer of concrete or armor shield.
The price will go up if the wall thickness increases. A thick wall is important, but not only that. Also make sure that it's made from steel.

Gun Size And Capacity

A smaller safe is not recommended for multiple guns and rifles. Although you might be able initially to fit the guns in your safe, as you grow, it may become difficult to store them all. You should buy a safe that is larger than your actual gun storage capacity. You can store valuables and guns in this safe to protect them from burglars or children.
Ideal is a safe that is 6 inches larger than the length of your longest firearm. This should be determined by the space that you can afford to lose in your home. It is unwise to purchase a 30-inch safe as it can be bulky and attract the attention of others.
It is a good idea to get a safe with three gun storage. This will allow you to store more guns and your pistol.


What is a rifle safe?

A rifle safe is a type of secure storage device specifically designed to store and protect rifles and other long guns. It is usually made of steel and is designed with extra security features such as locks, deadbolts, and fireproofing.

What is the importance of having a rifle safe?

It is important to keep your firearms secure in order to prevent unauthorized access and to ensure the safety of your family and home. Rifle safes also offer protection against theft and damage to your firearms.

Are there different types of rifle safes?

Yes, there are various types of rifle safes available. Rifle safes come in different sizes and configurations, from small wall mounted safes to large gun vaults.

What additional features should I consider when buying a rifle safe?

When purchasing a rifle safe, consider the size, weight, security features, and fire rating. Additionally, it is important to make sure the rifle safe is made from quality materials, such as steel and has a strong locking mechanism.

How do I maintain a rifle safe?

It is important to regularly inspect your rifle safe for any signs of wear and tear, such as rust or damage. If you notice any damage, it should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Additionally, it is important to keep the rifle safe locked and stored in a secure location.

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