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Best Small Gun Safes
Best Small Gun Safes

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: awesafe Gun Safe

You will like this product cause it features a gas strut and LED lighting to instantly and quietly open a safe door for single-handed access to your handgun and interior light for increased visibility. Read Review

2. Best For Price: RPNB Gun Safe

The Gun Safe by RPNB is a deluxe safe providing easy access to various pistols in the firearms collection. With the upgraded smart biometric scanner with immediate access mode, rapid fire backlit keypad, and manual keys. Read Review

3. Best Security: Biometric Gun Safe

Keep your valuables, documents and firearm safe with a FAST ENTRY into your gun safe. The door opens on its own so you can retrieve your belongings, documents and firearm at any time in just seconds. Read Review

4. Best Variety: SnapSafe Portable Lock Box

This sturdy and portable gun safe / lock box from SnapSafe is perfect for storing and protecting a wide variety of precious valuables, including handguns, passports, sensitive documents, heirlooms, media cards, ammunition, and more. Read Review

5. Best Multiple Functions: BILLCONCH Smart Gun Safe

The special thing about this fingerprint gun safe is it has ample space for storing three pistols of small and medium size, or four pistols of small size, in addition to other valuable objects such as jewelry. Read Review

You probably do not spend much time thinking about your gun safe. But if you had one, it would be the essential thing in your house. A gun safe is the only place to store your firearms securely so they are not accessible to children or burglars.

Most people keep their guns locked in a bedroom or another secure location within their homes. However, this may not always be the best solution. If you have kids living in the house with you, it might be a good idea to lock away your firearms until you leave. This way, if they get access to your home and find your guns, they will not be able to use them against you or anyone else in the family. If you think about it, keeping all your firearms locked up in one place is asking for trouble anyway. Storing them together can make it easier for curious children to find them and easily borrow one without asking first - which should always be avoided with any firearm!

Following extensive study and analysis, We think the best small gun safes of 2023 is awesafe Gun Safe cause it features a gas strut and LED lighting to instantly and quietly open a safe door for single-handed access to your handgun and interior light for increased visibility. However, it is not the only thing on our list. We also show a complete buyer's guide and various options to help you find the most suitable one.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 awesafe Gun Safe
Our Score:

The gun safe can safely store either two conventional pistols or one larger pistol in addition to additional ammo. Additionally, the pistol safe has a computerized keypad for different layers of safety. You must keep your firearms locked up securely if you have small children who cannot understand the possible risks posed by guns. Putting them away in this Pistol Lock Box is responsible for storing them safely.

Handgun safe is built with robust steel, a door that is resistant to prying for added strength and security for handguns, a reliable high-strength locking mechanism, and accurate fittings that are nearly impossible to force open with hand tools. Ideal for use as a bedside gun safe, you can also store your safe box in a closet, an office, a basement, a bedroom, or any other location convenient for you. On the other hand, it will shut down automatically if you do not use it for around twenty-four hours. Therefore, if you use it again, you will be required to input a code to utilize it.

TOP Choice #2 RPNB Gun Safe
Our Score:

You must keep your firearms locked up securely if you have small children who cannot understand the possible risks posed by guns. Whether at home or on the go, keeping your pistols and other small firearms safely tucked away in this safe is the responsible thing to do. This product includes the updated intelligent biometric scanner with an immediate access mode, fast-fire backlit keypad, and manual keys. Thanks to the door that opens automatically, you will always have quick access to your weaponry, valuables, and documents. You can also use your fingerprint to gain entry when necessary.

The RPNB pistol safe has been meticulously created utilizing a construction method that uses durable steel. It will continue to deliver long-lasting strength and utility for many years. In addition, it has a black finish that protects against corrosion and imparts a sturdy and professional appearance, making it simple to incorporate into any interior setting. The fact that there is no light provided inside. But that makes no difference because its functionality of it is rock solid.

TOP Choice #3 Biometric Gun Safe
Our Score:

This gun safe utilizes the speedy backlit keypad, spare key, or biometric fingerprint scanner to get in quickly when it is most important. The strengthened solid steel wall construction constitutes the heavy-duty handgun safe's defining characteristic. Integrated hinges and an improved interior security bracket offer the highest possible protection against burglaries. Your goods will be safeguarded for many years thanks to a long-lasting powder coating finish resistant to corrosion. This will save your possessions from being ruined.

The combination gun safe and pistol safe made of metal keeps you and your family away from firearms while also safeguarding the items you own at all times. A simple touch is required for extra-fast access, taking less than half a second. This gun safe can save the fingerprints of up to 20 different individuals. Even though the fingerprint reader can be challenging to set up initially, the reader performs wonderfully after a fingerprint has been successfully registered.

4 SnapSafe Portable Lock Box
Our Score:

The housing of SnapSafe Lock Boxes is made of heavy quality 16 gauge steel, and each box comes with a cable rated for a maximum of 1500 pounds that may be used to secure the box to immovable objects in your home or vehicle. Concealed carry permit holders have a safe place to store their handguns with the protection provided by the metal gun case. The California Department of Justice has given its stamp of approval as a weapons safety device and complies with the TSA aircraft firearm requirements.

It can be stored in a carry-on bag or beneath a vehicle seat. Your treasured belongings are shielded from harm by the foam interior. This would work wonderfully as a camping lockbox or a lockbox for a dorm room. The cable is of high quality. However it is only a little under 4 feet in length, which is a bit short. In general, this is a lovely buy, considering the cost of it.

5 BILLCONCH Smart Gun Safe
Our Score:

This pistol safe has a smartphone connectable function that allows it to be unlocked using a smartphone. Additionally, it can handle fingerprints and passwords and examine open records. Users can quickly set up and operate this biometric safe, thanks to the voice guidance and LCD that it features. The only drawback is that the foam padding has a distinctive smell when you initially use it, but it will disappear after you've used it for about five months.

A fingerprint, personal identification number, smartphone, or key can open this pistol safe's door swiftly. It works wonderfully for carrying weapons, cash, and a variety of other valuables. The high-definition fingerprint scanner and smartphone connection function combines a high level of protection with a quick and easy access method, which makes it both secure and user-friendly. The small size makes it convenient to store in various locations, including a drawer, a car, a bedside table, etc. 

6 MAXSafes Gun Safe
Our Score:

A reliable and accurate level of protection is provided by a biometric gun safe, thanks to an advanced finger vein recognition scanner. This type of protection cannot be replicated and is difficult to fake. The Pistol Safe can safely store two handguns of full size, one or more magazines, a passport, and cash, and it can be mounted to a nightstand, a desk, or the interior of a vehicle with ease.

For further sturdiness and protection, this handgun safe has been built with a housing made of heavy 14 gauge carbon steel and a door made of robust 14 gauge steel that is pry-resistant. It features a reliable high-strength locking mechanism, and its fittings are so precise that it is almost impossible to open them using hand tools. The vein ID does not work very well; however, if you contact the manufacturer, they will provide you with a replacement as soon as possible, and your gun safe will once again perform without any issues.

7 AINIRO Gun Safe
Our Score:

Quick Access is available with the AINIRO biometric safe in as little as 0.5 seconds, and it can store up to 30 fingerprints for numerous users. You will be able to ensure that your firearm is locked up and stored in a secure location to prevent it from falling into the hands of youngsters. In addition, this product has a fireproof pouch that can resist temperatures of up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit to protect your money, jewels, and important documents.

This device offers three flexible ways to enter the safe: fingerprint scanning, a keypad PIN code, and two backup override keys. These features ensure that you will always have quick access to your firearms. Unlike other handgun safes, which have plastic lock cylinders, the AINIRO gun case for pistols has a solid steel construction and anti-corrosion coating for increased durability and ultimate protection, as well as a well-built metal lock cylinder. However, using the fingerprint identification system can be a little tricky. But it will work better if you program your finger about three times at different angles; that way, even if you don't get your finger in there straight, it will still read it.

More To Consider

Our Score:
9 KAER 3-5 Rifle Gun Safe
Our Score:
10 KAER 3-5 Rifle Gun Safe
Our Score:
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What to Look For in a best small gun safes?

The best small gun safes is assessed based on many factors. best small gun safes research varies depending on the type, feature, and quality of this product. It is not too complex to cover, yet we will give you some buying guide and solutions to these problems.

Please take a closer look at best small gun safes characteristics below would be beneficial for you. Let’s look through and keep in mind:

Fire Resistance

A gun safe that is safe and secure should be rated at 350F during an hour of fire cladding. This rating is recommended by the UL. Because accidental fires could occur in homes and vehicles, it is essential that your safe passes the UL test.
Gun safes on the market are made of ceramic sheetrock and wool blanketing. This protects it from excessive heat or fire. Keep in mind that cartridges and shells can catch fire when they are burned. The UL doesn't rate an entire safe. It only rates the materials used if they are fireproof.


Even gun safes that have the exact same contents can be very different. A heavier gun safe is better because burglars will find it difficult to transport and break into. A heavier safe is more resistant to theft.
Lighter gun safes are great options if you have to carry your safe around.

Type Of Lock

Safes can now be opened digitally using voice activation, fingerprint authentication, password and password. It is easier for both experienced and older burglars to open safes digitally. The mechanical locks are durable and never go out of style. These locks last for many years and require very little maintenance. They are also more precise, which makes them less susceptible to electronic issues.

The UL recommends that you choose a lock with UL certification. Most often, it's the mechanical locks. Today's electronic safes have 90% more problems than their intended purpose. This does not necessarily mean digital locks are not reliable. You just have to select one of the Type 1 models from the UL. These locks are durable if they are well maintained. These locks can be costly but they will protect you from many of the risks associated wither locks. Digital locks will leave fingerprints after several weeks. Therefore, it is important to always change your passkey.


A gun safe made of steel is a good choice if there are few burglaries in your area. The safe has a half-inch plate steel door, and a quarter inch steel wall. A B-rate safe is easy to break into with basic tools.
Gun safes can also be made from concrete, which is used to support the cabinet's wall. Although it can be difficult to determine the steel thickness and durability of each safe, one rule holds true: a safer safe will not easily be broken or cut into.
Gun owners often buy gun safes with shiny exteriors without considering the materials they are made of.

Quick Access

It is important to check if the safe can be accessed quickly during an emergency. Quick access safes are the best because they can be opened quickly in an emergency. You can get fast access gun safes for a reasonable price.
These gun safes are usually locked and can only be opened by the owner using biometric scanners. One example is the Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe. This safe prioritizes speedy access.

Gun Size And Capacity

A smaller safe is not recommended for multiple guns and rifles. Although you might be able initially to fit the guns in your safe, as you grow, it may become difficult to store them all. You should buy a safe that is larger than your actual gun storage capacity. You can store valuables and guns in this safe to protect them from burglars or children.
Ideal is a safe that is 6 inches larger than the length of your longest firearm. This should be determined by the space that you can afford to lose in your home. It is unwise to purchase a 30-inch safe as it can be bulky and attract the attention of others.
It is a good idea to get a safe with three gun storage. This will allow you to store more guns and your pistol.

Wall Thickness

The thickness of gun safe walls varies. Your gun will be easily accessible if you drill on thin safe walls. Thieves know the thickness of the doors, so they drill through them. If they are lucky enough, the gun could fall in the wrong hands.
For a gun safe, a 10-gauge sheet is best. If you're really serious about security, you could get a 16 gauge one. To provide additional support, a safe should have an additional layer of concrete or armor shield. To ensure that your safe can withstand any force from burglary, fire or other natural disasters, you should add an extra layer of concrete or armor shield.
The price will go up if the wall thickness increases. A thick wall is important, but not only that. Also make sure that it's made from steel.

Handgun Gunsafes introduction


What Happens When I Forget My Combination?

To reset your safe, retrieve it, or unlock it, you will need to know the type of safe that you own. This information is important to know in order to call the safe company.
Once you have identified the safe type, it is time to check if the safe comes with a key override. You can also use the "change key" to modify the combination of your safe and get access to it if you do not have an override key.
You can try all of these things and still the safe remains locked. Contact a locksmith to get all information, including brand, model, and type. This will allow them to unlock your safe.

Can Guns Rust Inside A Safe?

Gun safes cannot be airtight so it is safer to keep a gun inside a safe than in an unbreathable gun case. Guns can rust in safes, particularly if they are located in humid areas. If your safe is not in a climate controlled area, the likelihood of it rusting increases. You should look into the many in-safe silica gel pack and dehumidifiers. You should also make sure you clean your guns thoroughly and dry them with a soft, damp cloth before you store them. Condensation can build up on guns if they are left out in the cold.

Is A Gun Safe Worth It?

Gun owners no longer need to keep guns on nightstands or in cabinets with glass doors. Gun owners who are smart will keep their guns out of reach and locked away. A safe is better than a unbreathable gun case that can cause rust issues. Some safes also offer fire protection. Safe storage can be a good investment to safeguard your firearms investments and ensure they do not fall into wrong hands.

If you need to have a firearm handy in your home, a safe is logical. You can keep your firearm safe and secure in a small, bedside safe that has a biometric or keypad lock.

Are Gun Safes Fireproof Or EMP-proof?

Gun safes can protect you against just one threat, while others protect you against all three. If you are concerned about safety, make sure they have been tested by fire. In the event of an EMP attack, mechanical safes will be your best option.

Are Gun Safes Bulletproof?

The thickness and velocity of the bullet determine whether a safe can withstand bullets. The safe that has a thickness of 3/8 inches can withstand any caliber handgun bullet and certain rifle bullets. It would be difficult to shoot your way through safe walls. High-quality safes have relockers that lock the doors automatically when the lock is damaged. This means you won't be able to shoot the lock open.

Do I Need A Gun Safe?

While you may not want to purchase a gun safe, there might be local laws that govern your use of the gun safe. To ensure you are within the lateral limit, check your local laws.

Are Gun Safes Bad For Guns?

If you do not use a humidifier, gun safes could be dangerous for your guns. Gun safes are the most secure place for firearm storage.

Our best small gun safes of 2023 will be occasionally updated with new and available information. Please pay more attention to the data on our website or subscribe to our newsletter so that any updates or changes will come to your mind in time.

Keep in mind that any things related to best small gun safes are in our hands. Thus, you can contact and ask for help whenever you need it. Thank you!

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