The Best Underwater Lights For Boats: Buying Guide Of 2022

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Obcursco Pontoon LED Light Strip
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When it gets dark and you want to take your boat out on the water, it can be a nerve-wracking experience. You’re probably already thinking about how you’re going to navigate safely back to the dock, and that’s even before you realize how pitch black it is outside. The last thing you want to deal with at night is a lack of visibility on the water.

Fortunately, there are several different underwater lights available for boats so that you can still take advantage of all that loveliness even when the sun goes down. These lights are ideal for any boating enthusiast who wants to explore their local waterways after sunset but doesn’t want to be a sitting target for anything lurking beneath the surface.

In the end, we concluded that Obcursco Pontoon LED Light Strip was the most highly recommended. Other options presented here are certainly worthy of your attention, and in order to assist you in making an informed choice, we have compiled a helpful shopping guide.


Our Top Picks

  • IP66 Waterproof: Sealed gel technology can totally seal up LED chip. Silicone surface not only can provide flexible to user but it also can protect LED chip without dead angle.
  • Wide range of application: Ideal for boat deck light, fishing night light, cockpit light, courtesy light, interior lights. Common use for pontoon boat, kayak, fishing boat.
  • Easy to install: Package comes with 10 mounting screws and LED strip clips that can quicken and fasten installation process.
  • Easy installation: Super easy to install.
  • High corrosion resistance: Durable chrome plated zinc housing construction passed 72 hours salt spray test can enhance working life.
  • High visibility light signal: Innovation surround lamp bead optical design gives high visibility light signal also meets USCG Requirements for 2 NM visibility.
  • ✅【Easy Installation】2 Wires Connection: Black is Negative and White is Positive. 12V DC, 3.8'' size, surface mount design with screw sets and foam tape bases.
  • ✅【Feature】As a perfect interior decorative light suitable for marine boat, pontoon, kayak, yacht, dinghy, fish boat, sailboat, barge, Jon boat, bass boat, etc.
  • ✅【High Quality】6 LED bulbs each boat interior light, made of sturdy PC lens and ABS housing. IP67 waterproof, sealed, anti-collision and dustproof. 50,000 hours life-span, can work under any harsh environments.
  • 【GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR MEN OR WOMEN】 These boat navigation lights are designed to enhance safety for boat owners and make the boat look nicer at night. Therefore, they will be great gifts for the boat owners who have everything.
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL】 The 3M strong Double-sided adhesive on the back of the strip light enables you to put it in any where you want. We advise that if you want keep it on place in a long time, please use the marine grade silicone adhesive to fix it.
  • 【SUPER BRIGHT】 With 18Pcs imported 5050 led chip, can produce a very visible light of 4 miles. Our new bar light is at least 4 times brighter than the original, which will make rowing or kayaking safer.
  • Fold-Down Design: 180° adjustable mounted base can satisfy any usage scenario.
  • Industry Leading Optical Design:Advanced COB light design has stable electrical property, quickly cooling function, brightness and lower energy consumption.
  • Highly visibility: All-around 3NM reliable 5000K white illumination ensures boat is highly visible on dark night to avoid marine accident.
  • Enhances safe operation from sunset to sunrise or anytime there’s poor visibility
  • Utilizes 2-pin mounting base
  • 24 inch aluminum straight pole
  • 【DESIGN FOR MARINE ENVURONMENT】Each of the Hella Marine Round LED Courtesy lamps is completely sealed for water protection, and tested for high shock, vibration, and impact situations making it perfect for the sometimes harsh, marine environment.
  • 【PERFECT LOOK FOR YOUR BOAT】The blue illumination version provides comfortable mood lighting and a premium feel, make your boat like new.
  • 【GREAT FISHING LIGHTS AND DECORATIVE LIGHTS FOR BOAT】Our marine boat lights are so bright that you will have the perfect amount of light whether entertaining or fishing. You will have more fun on your boat or kayak with these lights.
  • 【APPLICATION 】 Great for boat courtesy lights, boat deck lights, boat cockpit lights, boat flood lights, boat spreader lights.
  • 【GREAT LIGHTS FOR NIGHT FISHING】 Give you enough output to fish on the boat and not mess up your night vision.
  • 【NO DRILLING INSTALL】 With the 3M adhesive of the backside of the lights and flexible body, you can easily install it on any place you want. (Note: We advise that if you want to keep it in a place for a long time, please use the marine grade silicone adhesive to fix it.)
  • 【IP65 waterproof rate】The lampshade is completely sealed (IP65) and fully submersible, which is a high-performance ABS with unsurpassed properties.
  • 【LED Lights】Advanced COB lights,reliable 4500K,360° all round lights,3 Nautical Miles visible at night,the stern lights stand out enough to avoid marine accident.
  • 【Installation】easy to install and screw inluded.
  • 【Top service】With our strict quality control system, we test each item and 100% ensure in good condition before we ship. Enjoy 1 year quality warranty under regular use. Offering customer technical service, feel free contact us for any questions about products technology, installation and use.
  • 【Votage meter & Dual USB Ports】 Working Voltage DC12V/24V,Output:DC 5V 3.1A.
  • 【Applicable Widely】Designed for controlling all car devices for on / off, fits for all 12/24V Vehicles Boats Yacht Cruises Speedboat Cockpit Bus Rvs Jeep SUV Lorry Truck.

What to Look For in a Best underwater lights for boats?

The Best underwater lights for boats is the standard appliance in your life. Seeing that the item is introduced with many models with distinct functions and features, several challenges in selecting. However, anything has its solution, not except for that. We, the high-qualified expert in this area, will be available here to give you support.

Of course, looking for the Best underwater lights for boats which suits you most requires many criteria to consider. You are projected to think carefully about each of the features below so that your choice will be appropriate:


Professional installation of marine-grade lighting is not necessary. You can do it yourself, provided you select the correct product. They are easy to put in and take little time. A light should not need a lot drilling. Most cases you only need a hole to mount the screws and a few more.


This reflects the light output. It is important to know the lumen rating. Higher numbers indicate a more powerful light source. Lights with smaller lumens have lower power. At least 600 lumens is required for navigation. You can also choose a lower rating if you are looking to produce a dramatic or calming effect.
Additionally, I've compiled a list with the best battery-powered navigation light and boat navigation lights.

Beam Width

This refers to the angle from which the lighting is viewed. For larger boats, you will need more lighting. The temperature ranges between 90 and 120 degrees. To choose the right beam width, decide if the light should be narrower or wider. To attract fish, you will need to use a larger beam for underwater lighting.


Beyond aesthetics, color selection is crucial. Choose a color that is compatible with your particular situation. Marine lighting can be single- or multicolored. You can change the colors manually by using a handy switch, or even via a mobile application.
The most common colors are red, green, blue and white. A red light indicates that another boat or vessel is coming. Green indicates the port side. It repels insects and is ideal for sandy bottoms and shallow water. For fishing, both green and white can be used. Blue light is relaxing, however.


Select a light that is marine-grade and proportional to the size of your boat. A small light is best for small boats. For small boats, three to four inches should suffice. If you have larger boats I would recommend stretching the length to 10 inches.

Energy Efficiency

Lights that consume minimal energy and don't compromise on performance are best. You won't drain your battery by using energy-efficient lighting. This lighting does not consume a lot of power. If efficiency is important to you, LED lighting may be the right choice.


How To Install And Use Underwater Boat Lights?

To elevate your boat, first place a few bricks on top. Next, get an underwater light. Then, mark where your underwater lights will be placed with white paint. Next, make a cut in the center of your mark. Then, insert the light wire through this hole. After the wires have been inserted into the hole, screw the light into place. Tape the light, and then paint the surrounding area.

Once that is done you are now able to go into the boat to handle the wires. After you have connected the wires to your boat's power supply, you can then test the system. You will be able to see if the light switches are working when you push the button.

Where Should Underwater Boat Lights Be Installed?

An underwater light should be installed on an unobstructed, flat surface at least 6 inches below the waterline. It is best to place it in the transom. This increases visibility while the boat is in motion.

Will An Underwater Boat Light Attract Fish?

The right lighting can attract fish to your boat. The area will be illuminated by any light, no matter its color. The water will reflect small particles of food and other debris, which will attract the fish closer. The baitfish will draw larger fish to the boat, increasing your chances of catching a new catch.

What Color Of Underwater Light Is Best?

We see green fish lights most often. Many people believe that only green lights can lure fish. However, this is not true. The color of the light has no effect on the amount of fish it attracts.
Although fish lights may seem to magically lure fish into the berths, this is actually an extremely complex scientific process. Aside from the fact that fish lights are visible below water level, it is possible to lure them with any type of light, no matter what color. If lights are placed underwater, some particles of water reflect back.
These small particles provide bait fish with a natural food source. Once the bait fish have been lured, they will be attracted to the sun. Once the bait fish have been lured to the light, larger game fish like bass and tarpon are also attracted.

How Do You Install Underwater Boat Lights?

It doesn't matter if you have a flush-mount or surface mount boat light. The steps will vary depending on which type. Here's the general procedure for installing a boat light.

Place the boat on a flat surface or anywhere else you are able to work easily.
Find the best location to mount the boat light. After drilling, mark the exact location and ensure that nothing is damaged.
Start drilling. Connect the power supply to the wires and run them through the hole. For wiring your underwater boat lights, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
The power box should be placed in the best possible position. You should choose a place that is dry and has adequate ventilation.
Check the light. It may not work. If so, check the connections to make sure they are correct.

How Long Do The Lights Last?

The underwater LED lights used in boat lighting can be operated for up to 40,000 hours. This would give you 4.5 years continuous light output. Even though they're more expensive than incandescent lights, you don't need to change them as often as with LED boat lights.
These lights need to be maintained and cared for as they are often submerged in water. You should clean your underwater boat lights at least once a month to get rid of algae, barnacles and other sludge.

Look through again. The brand of product you choose will affect the options available to you. Moreover, pricer models will offer more customization options. We've covered top-scoring models varying at some price. So you have more choices to consider. Furthermore, our staff will update the info related to Best underwater lights for boats with the newest data. Let check our site more regularly to get the latest options.

If you want to take practical support from our expert, don't hesitate to give us feedback. Please feel free to contact us. Hopefully, with our buying guide, you can have a happy shopping for the product.

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