How Fast Can Road Bikes Go? A Detailed Explain

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How Fast Can Road Bikes Go? A Detailed Explain

Average cycling speed is related to quite a few factors. In particular, the speed may vary depending on the bike you choose.

So, how fast can road bikes go? If you are curious about the answer to the above question, immediately refer to the information in the article below.

I give detailed answers for each type of vehicle for you to understand.

Let's check it out!

How Fast Can Road Bikes Go?

How fast can road bikes go?

Its average speed is 14-18 mph on flat streets. Meanwhile, 8 to 12 mph on rougher roads is standard on most bikes.

In other aspects, the maximum speed a cyclist can achieve will depend quite a lot on the terrain and the bike you choose. Here's some data on average riding speed per hour on moderate terrain:

  • Non-cyclist: 8 - 12 mph.
  • Intermediate cyclist: 12 - 16 mph.
  • Professional cyclist: >24 mph.

What Is A Good Average Speed On A Road Bike For Different Types?

Good average cycling speeds

The above parameters are only accurate when tested under ideal conditions. While driving on a regular street, off-road, or tram, the top speed will change.

Basic road bike

Road bikes are often the first choice for speed lovers. This vehicle has an optimized design with superior aerodynamics compared to others currently.

Therefore, it is easy to understand that this bike has an average speed of 14 to 18 mph while on the road.

The speed will change if you use this vehicle to run on an incline. Typically, vehicles can only travel on 5% inclines with speed limits between 8 and 12 mph.

Mountain bike

There is no exact figure for average mountain bike speed. The maximum speed you can achieve will also depend on your climbing terrain. There is a difference in the average rate on mountain bikes.

The average speed on flat mountain roads is 10-14 mph. When you travel on challenging technical roads, the rate will be limited to 4 - 8 mph. 

Similarly, with uphill ones with an incline of 5%, you will only be able to move at the same limited speed as above.

In the downhill, you will get a speed higher than your expectation. Intermediate riders can be available at 18 - 20 mph on this stretch. Meanwhile, professional racers can hit 50 mph on the steepest roads at a top speed.

Hybrid bike

This version combines off-road and off-road vehicles. It comes with thick tires, a stiff frame, and forks. So, this bike often has a limited speed on the road and still maintains an excellent pedaling effect compared to a mountain bike.

On flat roads, hybrid bikes will average around 12-16 mph. And the expected speed on the ramp will drop to just 6 - 10 mph.



You have two main e-bike options: It supports top speeds of 20 mph and 28 mph.

Yet, only in some cases can you drive at top speed. Because in some European countries, the speed limit for electric bicycles to move on the street is 15.5 mph. Meanwhile, in the United States, the top speed of electric bikes is 20 mph.


In addition to questions related to bicycle speed, you must have dealt with many other issues. And here are the most frequently asked questions.

What is an excellent average speed on a road bike?

When traveling on flat roads with a bicycle, the average speed you can achieve is between 14 - 18 mph. The pace will be between 8 - 12 mph on rough or steep road conditions.

Can cyclists get a speeding ticket?

Cyclists can get a speed ticket if traveling above the 50 mph speed limit. Bicyclists can also receive a fine for driving in the wrong lane or not obeying traffic signs.

Is 20 mph fast on a road bike?

20 mph is the average speed for a road bike. When driving at this speed on flat roads, you will not have difficulty maintaining and handling during the journey.

How fast is safe on a road bike?

The safe cycling speed for most riders is 15 mph. However, for starters, it should be available at 10 mph across many states for safe travel. Regular exercisers can safely move at 18 mph.

What is the fastest speed on a road bike?

On the road, professional cyclists can travel at a maximum speed of up to 45 mph. The world record holder in cycling is Todd Reichert, at 82.82 mph.


My explanation above has helped you understand "how fast can road bikes go?" 

Knowing your average, maximum speed when riding a bike can help you monitor your progress, improving your performance.

I hope you always maintain the ideal moving speed. Remember to share this article if you find it useful. Thank you for reading!

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