The 10 Tow Strap Made In Usa For 2023, Tested And Researched

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Tow Strap Made In Usa
Tow Strap Made In Usa

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: Rhino USA Recovery Tow Strap

The Rhino USA Recovery Tow Strap is the best equipment to have with you on the road to ensure you are prepared for any sticky situation. With its heavy-duty protective sleeves and exclusive poly/silk webbing, it is designed to handle even the toughest towing jobs. Read Review

2. Best For The Price: GearAmerica Tow Straps

The GearAmerica Tow Straps are designed with the off-roader, emergency personnel, and farmers in mind. With a massive 40K lbs MBS and 15K lbs WLL, this rugged strap is an essential tool for anyone needing to haul heavy objects. Read Review

3. Best Versatile: Rocket Straps Tow Strap

The Rocket Straps Tow Strap is a top-tier product built to last. Its unique features and benefits make it an excellent investment for anyone looking for a high-quality and reliable tow strap for heavy-duty towing applications. Read Review

4. Best Reliable: Stay There Tow Recovery Strap

The Stay There Tow Recovery Strap is a versatile and reliable tow strap that can help you rescue your vehicle from any sticky situation. With impeccable tensile strength, reinforced eyes, and protective sleeves, this recovery strap is a must-have in your car's trunk. Read Review

5. Best Lightweight: Miolle Tow Strap

If you're looking for a heavy-duty towing strap that is reliable, versatile, and lightweight, the Miolle Tow Strap is an excellent choice. Made from extra durable polyester webbing, this off-road recovery kit comes with everything you need to tackle any emergency. Read Review

A tow strap, also known as a tow rope, is essential for any vehicle owner. Whether you're towing a car, trailer, or boat, the right tow strap can make all the difference regarding safety and convenience. If you're looking for a tow strap made in the USA, you can trust that it will be of the highest quality and provide reliable performance when needed.

USA-made tow straps are made with durable materials designed to stand up to the most challenging conditions, so you can count on them to get you and your vehicle safely to your destination. From heavy-duty tow straps to lightweight options, there's something for every job and budget. Whether you're towing a car or a boat, you can trust that a USA-made tow strap will provide the reliable performance and peace of mind you need for a successful tow.

Our team spent about 20 hours researching, sifting, and selecting many high-quality models. As an outcome, we think the tow strap made in usa is Rhino USA Recovery Tow Strap. This tow strap features a polyester and silk fibers blend, providing a smooth and robust surface resistant to abrasions, tearing, and UV exposure. In addition to the other suggestions on this list, which equally deserve your consideration, we have compiled a helpful buyer's guide to assist you in making your decision.

Our Top Picks

TOP Choice #1 Rhino USA Recovery Tow Strap
Our Score:
Rhino USA

The Rhino USA Recovery Tow Strap is an exceptional towing tool for all vehicles, whether stuck in mud, snow, or sand. The tow strap features a polyester and silk fibers blend, providing a smooth and robust surface resistant to abrasions, tearing, and UV exposure. This feature allows the tow strap to withstand harsh environments and heavy loads.

Moreover, the protective sleeves of the tow strap prevent damage from sharp or rough edges on the vehicles or objects being towed. This feature ensures that the tow strap has an extended life and can withstand greater forces without fraying or tearing. It also has triple-reinforced loop ends. By reinforcing these areas with multiple layers of stitching, the tow strap can withstand greater forces and resist fraying or tearing. 

Nevertheless, it would be best if this strap could be a bit longer. Overall, this tow strap is an excellent choice for off-roaders, emergency personnel, farmers, or anyone needing to haul heavy objects.

TOP Choice #2 GearAmerica Tow Straps
Our Score:

The GearAmerica Tow Straps are the perfect tool for anyone who needs to tackle tough towing tasks. You can haul almost anything with a working load limit of 15K lbs. The large double-web-loop ends are padded and reinforced to endure high tension and wear, ensuring they stand the test of time. Additionally, the protective sleeves on the reinforced loops keep the strap in place and prevent it from slipping off during use.

Made with a unique polyester tube webbing, these straps are the lightest in the industry and the strongest and most flexible. They can withstand extreme loads and temperatures, ranging from -40°F to 215°F, ensuring you can use them in any weather condition. The minor drawback is that they may be pretty heavy for some users to handle independently. Overall, this tow strap is an excellent choice for off-roaders, emergency personnel, farmers, or anyone needing to haul heavy objects.

TOP Choice #3 Rocket Straps Tow Strap
Our Score:
Rocket Straps

The Rocket Straps Tow Strap is a high-quality product offering various unique features and benefits. Its high-strength materials make it ideal for efficiently handling heavy loads. You can trust this tow strap to safely and securely tow your vehicle or cargo without any worries. In addition to its strength, it is incredibly durable, ensuring it can withstand frequent use, wear, and tear. Its construction techniques and high-quality materials are designed to keep the tow strap functioning at its best for years.

This product can be used for towing applications with multiple vehicles and cargo types. Whether you need to tow a car, truck, trailer, or other load, this tow strap has covered you. This tow strap is made with top-quality materials and is rigorously tested to ensure that it performs at the highest levels of reliability and performance. The only downside is that the stitching can become loose after prolonged use, so you must be careful when using it.

4 Stay There Tow Recovery Strap
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Stay There

The Stay There Tow Recovery Strap is the best answer to all your towing questions and concerns. This tow strap will help you out of any difficult situation, whether you are stranded in the mud, snow, sand, or any other demanding terrain. With a working load of 10,000 lbs and a rated capacity of 30,000 lbs, it can handle even the heaviest vehicles. The strap is crafted from materials of superior quality, ensuring its lifespan and durability.

The big double-web-loop ends of the strap are cushioned and reinforced to endure severe stress and wear. In addition, they extend the strap's life and protect your equipment from damage. Furthermore, the strap may be used in four different ways, and it comes with a free heavy-duty storage bag that can accommodate all of your winch accessories, hooks, shackles, gloves, and other towing equipment. The only drawback to this product is that it's a little short for some.

5 Miolle Tow Strap
Our Score:

The Miolle Tow Strap offers a fantastic mix of dependability, functionality, versatility, and power in one convenient package. It is incredibly lightweight despite being able to withstand even the heaviest of cars because of the extra-durable polyester webbing that has been treated to resist frost, UV rays, and water. The material is waterproof to wear and tear and resistant to the destructive effects of oil and various chemicals.

To prevent the tow strap from rattling against the anchor point when mounted, it has two D-ring shackles of the screw-pin type and is painted with an anti-corrosion black paint coating. Because it may be used as a towing strap, a pallet puller rope, a lift sling, or even a tree saver, this product is highly adaptable and can be used in various ways.

The off-road recovery kit has a heavy-duty recovery gear case constructed from light rip-stop durable fabric. This bag is designed to keep your recovery equipment protected and always organized. The only downside of this product is that it may not be suitable for extreme towing situations.

6 JACO Superior Products Tow Strap
Our Score:
JACO Superior Products

The JACO Superior Products Tow Strap is a 4x4 trail-rated tow strap built to last. Made from a hybrid polymer webbing of 90% military-grade polyester and 10% high-strength nylon, it provides an ultra-soft feel with rugged durability for towing. The tow strap has a break strength of 31,542 lbs and a working load limit of 10,663 lbs, making it perfect for pulling stuck vehicles out of tricky situations.

Besides, this tow strap features super heavy-duty closed-end loops that fully secure hitch accessories and tow points, including a winch, clevis hook, and D-ring shackle. It has double-diamond stitching and protective sleeves to ensure reliability for a lifetime of extreme off-roading. The tow strap is also stretchable, which absorbs shock and impact during challenging recovery missions. The only disadvantage of this product is that it's a bit expensive compared to other options in the market, but it is worth the price.

7 ARB Recovery Snatch Strap
Our Score:

The ARB Recovery Snatch Strap is a must-have for any off-road enthusiast. With a minimum breaking strength of 8,000kg or 17,600 lb, this strap is strong enough to handle even the heaviest vehicles. The 100 percent nylon material ensures durability and longevity, while the stretch (genuine) of 20 percent allows for maximum performance during vehicle extraction. Plus, the elasticity of the strap generates kinetic energy that aids in the recovery process while reducing the likelihood of vehicle damage.

Additionally, the reinforced eyes provide additional strength, making this strap more suitable for vehicle recovery than a tow strap. One issue with the ARB Recovery Snatch Strap is that it requires a second vehicle. However, this limitation is offset because it is specifically designed to stretch under load, allowing maximum performance during vehicle extraction. Overall, the ARB Recovery Snatch Strap is essential for any off-road enthusiast who wants to be prepared for unexpected vehicle immobilization. 

More To Consider

9 GearAmerica Kinetic Rope
Our Score:
Our Score:
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What to Look For in a tow strap made in usa?

To buy any product seems easy, but to choose the best one is not straightforward. The time you take to research its outcome is significant. The same matter also comes to tow strap made in usa of 2023 that we include in this article. But you can relax instead of spending too much time learning the products. It’s our duty!

Here are the main features of tow strap made in usa that all of you guys should keep in mind when deciding to make a purchase:

Working Load Limit

The load the tow strap is capable of supporting. It's a good idea to aim for loads of around 20,000lbs. If something heavy and large falls onto your vehicle, you will likely need to remove it from your vehicle. A lot of people make the error of purchasing a strap that caters only to their car's weight. You should look for something slightly different.


Because of their reduced visibility, light-colored straps can be difficult to use at night. It is highly recommended to get brightly-colored straps so they can still be seen in low light.


Different materials have different properties. Nylon, for example, can stretch and create a movement in the strap when pressure is applied. Polyester, for example, is less elastic under pressure and therefore more rigid.

Weather Resistant

Your tow strap's quality and durability will be affected by different environmental factors. You should always remember that purchasing doesn't always mean you are buying smartly. Consider the conditions it will be used in before you buy a strap.


Width: Make sure you choose a strap that matches your hardware. Most straps come with reinforced hooks to attach to your hardware. However, it is possible to make adjustments to fit your needs. The strength of the strap is directly related to its width.
In most cases, a 20-foot length strap is sufficient. Every tow or recovery situation is unique and will require a different length strap.


Buyers always think about the complete kit with their item. Hooks and shackles can be a great addition to any kit. Your strap will also be more versatile thanks to them.

Safety Features

Weather resistance and triple hook loop are just a few of the safety features. There are many other optional options. You can choose whatever option you want. You should make sure that the options you choose are relevant to your job or you could end up spending money on features you do not need.


What is a tow strap made in the USA?

A tow strap made in the USA is an industrial-grade towing strap designed for heavy-duty towing applications. It is made from high-strength polyester webbing and features reinforced loops at either end for easy attachment. It is designed to be durable and long-lasting, with the ability to handle heavy loads.

How do I use a tow strap made in the USA?

To use a tow strap made in the USA, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Generally, you will attach the loops at either end of the strap to the towing vehicle and the item that is being towed. Make sure that the strap is taut and secure before towing.

What are the benefits of using a tow strap made in the USA?

Using a tow strap made in the USA provides several benefits, including increased safety, reliability, and durability. The straps are designed to withstand heavy loads and are made from high-strength polyester webbing for added strength and protection. Additionally, the straps are backed by a manufacturer's warranty for added piece of mind.

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